2018 Second Construction Regulations: Project scope and scale standards that must be tendered

2018 Two Construction Regulations: The scope of the project that must be tendered and The scale standard

1. Project scope that must be tendered

(1) Projects related to public interest and public safety, such as large-scale infrastructure and public utilities;

(2) All or part of the use of state-owned funds or Nationally funded projects;

(3) Projects that use international organizations or foreign government loans and aid funds.

Note: Foreign companies and private investment projects also need to be tendered if they are related to the public interest or public safety.

2. The scale standard of the project must be tendered

(1) The estimated price of the construction single contract is more than 2 million yuan;

(2) The important equipment and materials related to the construction project Purchasing, the estimated price of a single contract is more than 1 million yuan;

(3) the procurement of survey, design, supervision and other services, the estimated price of a single contract is more than 500,000 yuan; (4) The estimated price of a single contract is lower than the standards specified in items 1, 2 and 3. However, the total investment of the project is more than 30 million yuan.