2019 Hyundai Veloster N is relatively hot hatchbacks

The highly anticipated upper bet of the Waterster line, 2019 Hyundai Veloster N, is on the edge hitting dealers. Finally, the company has developed all the specifics and, most importantly, an official car price starting at $ 27,785. So you know what it means: It is time to see how the competition is prepared.

Veloster N is divided into an interesting niche hot hatch in the world. This model is the strongest, but it is not as strong as the Civic Type R, Focus RS and Golf R. But he does not have a car. Thus, we decided that compared to another 30,000 sports companions. We checked each car power, fuel economy, size and price. You can see all the vital statistics in the table below, as well as additional photos and analyzes. As always, the specifications are just so telling you, so make sure you check the detailed reviews of these cars. Also be sure to check our comparison if you want to compare with other models.

Comparative diagram of hot hatchbacks

Engines, programs and performance

Three of these cars are impressively close and one is not. Veloster N Performance Pack is a pure horse champion with 275 ponies. The second place is powerfully attached to power, and the 252 horsepower of Focus ST, which has a standard Veloster N 250 installed. Focus ST also has a turnover of more than 270 kg. The GTI almost fits both Velosters with its 258 pound legs, but its 228 horsepower far behind the Korean and American material. Only the 205 horsepower is available and the 192 pounds sterling that starts from the 1.5-liter engine. The remaining 2.0 liter engines.

All means of transport are sent to the front wheels and four out of four exclusively with 6-speed manual transmission. This means that if you do not want to work, you are the only option VW GTI. It offers 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which, like all VW group's double clutch units, is really smooth and fast.

Despite the fact that civic Si is back in the power of power, it makes some of the best fuel economy savings. It can stop at 38 megabytes of highway and the length of the city is 28 MB. Veloster N is back packet here, its highway mileage is the same as the civic city economy. Its fuel economy is only 22 megabytes. Focus ST is not much better in the same city mileage, but it can pull off 30 mpg highway. The GTI is slightly better than the 24 mg and 32 mains rating.

External and interior measures

When it comes to the size of this sports compact, an interesting thing happens. Two cars are Focus ST and Civic Si, of which 3,000 are less. Veloster N and GTI are both above the 3,000 pounds mark. It is interesting that external dimensions have the focus and civic group group's longest cars. Civic Si Coupe is actually almost 10 inches longer than GTI and Veloster, and the focus is about 3.5 inches longer than both of them. It is also worth mentioning that the GTI and ST are the more common hatchback shapes, which are the highest of 58 inches and Veloster and Civic – the lowest is 55 centimeters.

Inside, each of these machines is very close, but there are some areas where some Excel. The GTI and Focus have a much larger front door and a little more front seat than Veloster and Civic, from the roof of the usual hatchback. GTI and civil coupe are the best for the back door. And if you want, moreover, the civil sedan will provide an additional 1.5 in the back gate and 2.5 inches in the back seat.

In terms of cargo space, Focus ST (23.3 cubic feet) and GTI (22.8) have the same place behind the rear seats and the Veloster is quite low at 19.9. Its unusual hatchback design is also important for lift height. Civic, as the coupe's traditional trunk, is only 11.9 cubic space in space. The location of the business list is more magnetic space, but its 14.7 cubic feet is still hatchbacks. True, it has a depth, but its height height reduces the flexible substance that has hockey.


The most expensive of the group is the car, surprisingly, Veloster N's ​​performance. It comes just a few hundred dollars below $ 30,000 mark. But it does not look as bad when it's just over $ 1,400 in the Volkswagen GTI, which is almost 50 less horsepower. The GTI also makes regular Veloster N look like a solid deal just like it's about $ 700 less than the GTI and offers a little more than 20 horsepower extra.

The Group's most expensive car is Honda Civic Si $ 25,195, while the sedan spends the same amount. But the biggest bang for a buck could be a focus ST. It's not quite $ 1000 over civilian, and about $ 1,700 less than base Veloster N. But it fits in Veloster's power and surpasses it on the torque. Plus it has the most cargo space.

The wisdom of the equipments, the civil synthesis is the most standard pleasant packaging. It is equipped with mechanical limited slip differential, hatch, heated seats, dual zone automatic climate control and touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

VW GTI has features such as mechanical limited slip differentiation, armchairs, touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Getting solar rays to get SE, which starts at $ 30,000, and auto-clock control of dual zones will put you in Autobahn, which is more than $ 35,000.

On Veloster N, getting mechanical limited-slip differential requires a performance package. The standard model creates an open differential that uses the brake distribution brakes. It has automatic clock control and an 8-inch touch screen with CarPlay and Android Auto but you can forget about hatching or sharp places as they are not available. Veloster N does not really have the options listed beyond the Performance Package.

Focus ST is pretty spartan. All mentioned so far is an option, except mechanical limited sampling differential, which is not available. Hatch, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated seats and CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with the system, you need a spring 401A package worth $ 3,680. For seats, you have to go for a $ 5,680 402A package. Both delete the focus of the initial price of focus.

Editors' impressions

For more information, make sure to check out our in-depth reviews for each of the vehicles that can be found below.

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