2019 Mercedes-AMG GT R to get a sports model

Although many people would say Mercedes-AMG GT R is already fast and serious enough, it seems that Mercedes will not be satisfied. The spy shots are revealed above that the second version of the car has been checked, which has aerodynamic improvement shift. The only real conclusion is that even the most expensive Mercedes-Benz sports car.

The most obvious additions are the previous ones. On both sides of the previous bumper are twin bears, along the upper right surfaces along the cutting edge. The front splitter is much now, too, and it has a pair of adjustable support mounted toward the middle.

To get to the back of the rear, we see that tidal holes are mounted on the height of one prototype extra nails. Although they are certain to be effective, they look a bit odd, so we are not sure that they will make it in production. There was one other prototype, at the same time no wings were missing, but there were big holes on the top of the tires. It is much more likely as a production.

The rear of the car is a regulating unit like a wing, as in regular GT R. The rear diffuser is the same, but exhaust is different. On the current GT R, the exhaust is through the center, but here the exhaust is separated and the bumper is on the verge.

Since this more serious Mercedes-AMG GT R is usually restricted mainly by aerodynamic changes and does not radically change the design of the car, we expect soon for the 2019 model. In addition to external updates, we expect that it has more song-oriented stopping. Maybe you have more power. Of course, it is impossible, because the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 up to four doors on 630 horses. We have to wait for the car to be sure to know, though.

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