2019 Ram 1500 gets strong IIHS crash test scores

The Automobile Safety Insurance Institute has finally completed the crash tests on the Ram 1500 1500 pickup truck in 2019 and it's a big story for something. The crew's cabin received the highest "good" rating in all six crash tests. Impressive, which includes both driver and passenger turret tests, which is a rare feat. This is the first cargo car that will receive a passenger test rating, while the only truck is a "good" rating for the crash type.

The 2019 Ram also marked significant improvements over previous generation Ram, which only scored the second lowest mark of "marginal" driver with a small roof test. The passenger side was not tested. The old one had only the "marginal" roof strength.

In addition to the results of the great accident test, the Ram 1500 has also gained maximum hints for preliminary collision prevention technologies. The possibility of the full stop of the truck was to prevent the collision speed of 25 mph.

The only weak point of the thing was its headlights, which were rated at the best "edge." Due to its original performance, IIHS did not give him the most secure film award. This is an insignificant number of trucks, since only "marginal" are the initial indicators of Honda Riglain and 2018 GMC Sierra. Ridgeline is also the only pickup test organization to get the Top Safety Pick Award. In addition, it said that the 2014 RAD 1500 as well as the 2018 Ford F-150 should be the best security icon if the nail performance improves.

Keep in mind that the collision prevention and range ratings are also available in the Ram 1500 Quad Cab, but there are no crash ratings. Presumably IIHS will check in the future.

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