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Skoda loses quite a few headphones to the next hot Skoda Kodiaq VRS in Paris debut debut. Then shows what the SUV looks like in some cool rubbish, they are ready to showcase the interior. And, well, it's not really all special.

I mean, find and everything. But for the car as a scandal, we've been waiting for some kind of pizzazz. The cabin is a full corporate job, sharing many of its lines and features and switchgear to other Skodas. Of course, it certainly includes such indicators as contrasting sticks and red details perforated alcohol.

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Other pleasant details, like the armchairs in the carbon skins, and as well as the central pillar and tent armor, have a red stitch. At the same time, Alcantara's chairs and hills and multifunction sports steering wheel are equipped with a VRS logo and a contrasting red styl. Although Skoda Kodiaq VRS is a hot jeep, it is still a car from the eco-end. So it's good that he has a carbon-like toolbar. And it's pretty cool that they give it a black roof liner and steel pedal lights.

These sports qualities complement the already wide and practical interior of Kodug. This could be the most expensive diesel engine Skoda ever produced, but it is still a soft and cuddly family jeep.

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