ESTORIL, Portugal – Many have changed into a compact two-storey convertible segment since the last Z4 is running. And his predecessor, Z3, debuted in the world that thirst for compact converters such as Mazda Miata MX-5. These ragtops stood a chance to attract a small but powerful audience.

These days have long gone. Porsche has a known (encounter) cylinder and built-in Boxster, while the Mercedes-Benz has abandoned completely and stopped SLC. Other as Audi TT Roadster, quietly soldiered on low volumetric anonymity.

Adapting to this new world order BMW carries a new Z4 burden with Toyota, which uses the same platform to build a soup. All new subunits are built for better processing: slightly higher than the old Z4, the width increases to about 3 inches and the wheelbase decreases inch. The chassis is sharper by 20% and the front-end weight distribution is ideal 50/50.

The Z4 M40i works with BMW's B58 engine, 382 horsepower and 389 horsepower torpedo triple-inline six. The new model comes in 47 seconds ahead of its predecessor, a significant figure not just a sharp trace of the car, but because the US horsepower is more than 50 horsepower than the European number (because the spare parts are not petrol particle filter).

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The soft ECO-PRO drive mode provides soft piped-emissions and simplifies the predictable shifts. And the artillery arrays near the last Lisbon area and the transition of the two cells on the coast of Atlanta, the softest super-fast operation – up to 10 seconds at speeds of 31 mm. Our tester includes an optional weave that deflects UV heat. The little fur keeps the thrill air out of the cabin, which is relatively quiet as the speed escalates.

The Z4 evolved into a more sophisticated, compatible convertible, which asks to be focused faster and far. But this is ruble. Removing the slip and slide aspect that will raise cars like the flickable Mazda Miata MX-5, the Z4 also removes some thrill from the equation. Adult, safe and amazingly able, the new Z4 is more cerebral than visual. This safe game is reduced to the ragtop market for fewer players than ever.

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