2020 Jeep Gladiator missed Scrambler on behalf of the cause

Over the years development and constant excavations by spy photographers and forum users are like, there was not a whole lot of wonder about the 2020 Jeep Gladiator revealing. But one thing that was a bit unexpected was the name. Although not officially announced, the Internet used the name of a chamber jeep pickup and it was referred to as before until it was announced. The gladiator's name is the reasons of choice.

The jeep representatives explain that one of the reasons for the selection of gladiator is the Jeep Glider Concept Truck since 2005. This concept has caused many rumors of a pickup truck related to Vangler. Of course, the concept was just two doors extended cab pickup. Besides, the concept of the gladiator was shared by the long-term jeep pickup cargo line, gladiator and J-series, besides the concept heritage.

Jeep folks also pointed out that they wanted to prevent Scrambler's name because they felt the old Scrambler was not enough truck and the company wanted to stress that the new Gladiator is a real truck designed for the truck. The original 80s scramble was effectively stretched to CJ-7 and practically called CJ-8, the larger cargo area. It was a truck, because it was in half cabins. But it was also available for a full-length wagon originally. So the scrambler is more connected to the first Wrangler Unlimited, stretching two doors to Wrangler rather than a new gladiator with a unique frame, unique rear suspension and a separate bed and a cab.

If we are honest, we do not think that the name of the chamber would be a problem. It is obvious that the jeep fans are very fond of the name, and it is in line with Wrangler truck idea. But we also do not really call it gladiator. It's equally historic and even if it was not, it really sounds great, revealing the strength and possibilities. Perhaps if people are really worried about a truck that does not call Scrambler, the SUP can roll graphic packages as a tribute to older models.

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