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Marx and DeepSqueak co-founder Kevin Coffey, who studied medicine and psychology issues at the University of Washington, has already made some interesting experiences. Their initial effort focused on the expression of happiness or misery when working in painkiller experiments.

"The animals have rich repertoire calls, about 20 species," said Coffe. "Drug abuse, you see as positive and negative calls."

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Mice are happy when they wait for revenge, such as sugar, pointed koffe, but they also make a happy call in certain social situations. The researchers also pointed out that male mice will do the same when they choose other men, but women are closer when women are close.

Presumably, the entire cashier is full of sociological research with this observation, but now the goal of the team is to use the new technology for drug abuse research.

Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences of Medicine Medicine Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Associate Director of the Institute of Alcoholic Drugs and Drugs of Neon John Noumair says that DeepSqueak should help his laboratory better and faster in progress. available.

"If scientists know better how drugs change brain activity due to pleasant or unpleasant feelings," he said, "we can develop better treatment for drug addiction."