3d print model is what _3d print model download site

3d print model is what _3d print model download site

What is the 3D printing skill? I believe many people have heard of 3D printing skills. Originally, 3D printing is the direction that the country will be favored in the future, because this skill can play a very important role in medical and aerospace fields. This new skill was very hot at the beginning of this year, but many brothers don’t know that 3D printing skills are awkward! Here, Light God Wang Xiaobian comes to share with us for 3D printing skills!

What is the 3D printing skill? 3D printing skills are the skills of structural objects based on digital model files and using some data, such as 3D consumables such as powdered metal or plastic.

A brief introduction to 3D printing materials. Today, there are two kinds of data commonly used in desktop-level 3D printers, such as ABS and PLA data. For beginners of 3D printers, it is often unclear. How to choose these two kinds of materials, which is better for ABS and PLA? I have known the difference in data, and you know which one to choose! This small series will continue to write an article for our science. But today I will introduce 3D printing. The ability to structure objects through a layer-by-layer printing method.

So what can 3D printing do? Why is it that this skill is a very peculiar thing?

Example: Medically, 3D printing skills can be used to assist patients in the rehabilitation of their limbs, to print a heart suitable for this patient, and to print a tooth at home to replace the caries. So what are the advantages of 3D printing? The strength of 3D printing skills lies in its strengths.

The strengths of 3D printing skills: The beauty of 3D printing skills is that it does not need to be operated at the factory. It can print small items and 3D printing skills products using a compact desktop printer. And everyone can put it in the corner of the unit, in the shop and even in the house; and large items such as bicycle frames, car steering wheels and even aircraft parts require larger printers and more space.

3D printing skills development trend:

But nowadays 3D printing skills are not mature, the structure is extraordinarily, the data is specific, 3D printer, printing consumables, the cost is very expensive . The prints are still in the model period, which means that there are not many applications for daily use, but the prospect of 3D printing is very good, and it will probably be available in the future.

The 3D print model is then printed using 3D data from a 3D printed model file.

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