3D printing corneas come out 3D printing concept stocks?

3D printing corneas come out What are the 3D printing concept stocks?

According to the latest news, the world’s first 3D printed cornea is available. . 3D printing was once the most popular vent, with a large influx of capital, but the heat has gradually dissipated in the last two years. The reason is that 3D printing has not found a suitable application scene after being eagerly awaited. The major breakthrough in 3D printing on the cornea has brought positive signals to the industry. So, which 3D printing concept stocks are worth paying attention to? Let’s take a look.

According to media reports such as the British “Express”, researchers at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom have extracted the “bio-ink” developed by stem cells and printed the world’s first artificial cornea using 3D printing technology. According to an official press release from Newcastle University, this means that this new technology will ensure an unlimited supply of cornea in the future. The researchers said that this 3D printed cornea is currently not available for transplantation, but it is expected to solve the shortage of corneal donation in the world in the future.

In a study published in the May 30 issue of the British Journal of Experimental Ophthalmology, researchers at Newcastle University described a corneal stem cell mixed with alginate and collagen. To create a printable solution called “bio-ink.” Using a simple, low-cost 3D bioprinter, “bio-ink” was successfully extruded into concentric circles to form the shape of the human cornea. Even more surprising is that the entire cornea is printed in less than 10 minutes.

What are the 3D printing concept stocks?

Yaxia Shares: Acquired 26% of Yingchuang Construction with its own funds of RMB 154,210,100. The main business of Yingchuang Building Technology is the production and manufacture of building parts, including 3D printing of building related parts. Business income accounted for 60% of its total revenue; 360 million acquisition of Wanan Intelligent 65% equity, plus smart home.

Yinbang shares: The company invested 22.5 million yuan to set up Feikang, holding 45%. It mainly develops and produces high-density, high-precision powder metallurgy parts, powder materials, medical equipment parts, various new materials and complex parts. Among them, some products involve laser rapid prototyping (3D printing) technology.

Huazhong CNC: The company is engaged in research, development, production and sales of CNC systems and their equipment. According to the company’s disclosure, 3D printing equipment has been developed in cooperation with the CNC Engineering Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Jubilee Technology: In order to speed up the research and development of 3D printing consumables, the company will receive a grant of 25 million yuan from the Guangdong Provincial Government.

Tell Shares: Established Maanshan Taier Intelligent Industrial Park in cooperation with Shanghai Haotai, focusing on two areas of manufacturing intelligence and special service intelligence, including industrial robots, industrial software and communications, 3D printing, home services and Five major sectors of public service robots. Blu-ray development: The company’s holding subsidiary, Sichuan Blu-ray Inno Biotech, invested 220 million yuan to establish a 3D bioprinting industrialization base.