3D printing creative gifts, lighting up creative life

With the continuous improvement of the economic level, people from the pursuit of food and clothing to the pursuit of quality, from the pursuit of material enjoyment to the pursuit of spiritual cultivation, from the pursuit of a single consumption to the pursuit of publicity. Based on this background, the same gift can no longer meet people’s needs, and the personalized and unique creative gifts are obviously more popular and are gradually infiltrating into daily life.

China has been a state of ceremonies since ancient times, advocating “come but not indecent assault”, whether it is a major holiday, or marrying a wife or marrying a woman, or a housewarming joy, and ultimately, the gift-giving session, among which, creativity Gifts are more intimate than ordinary gifts, more expressive feelings, more able to show the unique tastes and minds of the sender and attract attention, and each merchant is competing to seize the market, then, how to be on the big cake in the creative gift market Take advantage of the advantages? Xiao Bian believes that the “all-powerful” 3D printing + creative gifts will collide with different sparks to create a different life.

In recent years, 3D printing has set off a trend in the world, in the aerospace, architectural design, medical industry and other fields, in the creative gifts, its personalized manufacturing, rapid manufacturing The characteristics are driving profound changes in traditional gift making. Also. Its “what you want” is a new form of creative gift “DIY”.

 3D printing creative gifts light creative life

The thinker said that all things in the world can be injected with emotional elements. Gifts, through 3D printing technology, can fully release people’s imagination and creativity, combined with DIY creative methods, to create a unique gift, increase the added value of the product, but also solve the pain points that can not fully convey emotional appeal. For example: Make a 3D printed Christmas gift. I can DIY a Christmas snowman shape, then design my favorite photos, patterns, and texts on the surface of the snowman, print it out, and then match the purchased speakers to get a personalized Christmas snowman speaker. In the process, Turn personalized ideas into unique gifts to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

At the same time, “cost saving, waste reduction” is another advantage of 3D printing applications to creative products. According to research, for small batches or fixed products, 3D printing can reduce manufacturing costs by about 50%, shorten the processing cycle by 70%, and realize design integration and complex manufacturing.