3D printing restaurant? !

An ideal team that wants to smash food and technology together.

There is an experiential restaurant that seems to be designed to give people a fresh taste and upload photos to Instagram.

Now, the restaurant has hit the technology and has a new gameplay. Next week, the restaurant, known as the world’s first flash 3D printed food, will open in London.

As an exploration of the future dining experience, this restaurant called Food Ink offers nine dishes for every guest: 3D works printed on site: hummus, chocolate ad Rice, goat cheese and even pizza.

3DPrint Restaurant?!

One of the 3D foods provided by Food Ink.

The production of the ingredients and the setting of the plate are also full of gimmicks. In fact, the whole process is similar to the normal 3D printing process. First, the shape is set by the computer. After the material is filled, the printing needle will superimpose the materials layer by layer during the process of moving back and forth. However, the so-called “ink material” is replaced by the ground food, which is extruded from the printing needle, and then superimposed and then presented to the dining guests.

3DPrinting Restaurant?!

3D Food Printer

In addition to the ingredients, even the cups and dishes in the restaurant are 3D printed. Anthony Dobrzensky, founder of Food Ink, would like to emphasize that Food Ink offers a dining experience. The team is looking for a collision between food and cutting-edge technology, and in addition to 3D printing technology, augmented reality technology is used to bring diners a “technical immersion”.

3DPrint Restaurant?!

Anthony Dobrzensky, founder of Food Ink, sits in a 3D print chair

Food Ink’s team brings together architects, artists, professional chefs, designers, engineers and programmers, etc. People in various fields. The food printer they use comes from a Dutch company called byFlow, which also has a 3D printed restaurant in the Netherlands. In May last year, it successfully hosted a 3D dinner at the 3D printing exhibition in London. The furniture in the restaurant was designed by the design company Mamou-Mani according to the concept provided by Dobrzensky, with a little Gaudí’s magical sense.

The dining table and chair designed by structural design firm Mamou-Mani has a magical sense

However, since it is a flash restaurant, Food Ink only stays in London for just 3 Days and only 10 guests per night. It will then travel around the world: Berlin, Paris, Seoul, Taipei and Singapore.

Of course, the price of this restaurant is not cheap, and the per capita consumption is around £250 (equivalent to RMB 2,500).

For those who are interested but have no way to experience it, Food Ink also offers online live video on their Facebook page.