80% of people do not have sunscreen skills, dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

All the little fairies know what is most important for skin care? That’s right, it’s sun protection, but do you really get sunscreen? Do you know that physical sun protection is good or chemical sunscreen? The greater the SPF value, the stronger the protection? Next, I will discuss with you some tips on sun protection. Of course, first of all, I will start by pointing out how to choose a suitable sunscreen!

80% of people do not sunscreen skills, but also Do you dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

Of course, the most important thing is to combine with your own situation. If you run around nine to five every day, you will be rushed in the morning to wait for all skin care steps. The pure physical sunscreen from the 100% Pure Skin of the American organic natural skin care brand – “Red Tomato Yingzhi Instant Sunscreen” is perfect.

As one of the few 100% Pure areas certified by the US USDA, one of the most rigorous certification bodies, it is not only composed of organically certified organic plants, but no petroleum chemicals or artificial flavors can be added to the products. , artificial pigments, etc., the added preservatives and surfactants are subject to strict restrictions, animal experiments and radiation sterilization can not be used in manufacturing, and even product packaging must be environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The organic content must be above 95%. The organic ingredients must be grown without chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Even the piece of soil it grows has specific requirements: not only can it not be contaminated, but chemical compounds cannot be used for at least three years. The USDA logo can usually be marked on the product package that is certified by it.

80% of people do not sunscreen skills, but also Dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

The next step is some little knowledge about sunscreen. Are you ready to take notes?

Painting sunscreen is for health, not for tanning.

If the power of ultraviolet light is only understood as tanning or even tanning, it is too small for the sun. Accelerating aging, sunburning the dermis, and even producing skin cancer is the real killer of ultraviolet rays, and these are the “credits” of UVA and UVB that reach the Earth in ultraviolet light.

UVA: Tanning, aging The culprit, direct to the dermis, loose skin cells, all seasons, no matter how early or late, it is destroying all the time! It can make you wrinkle through the glass.

UVB: Sunburn, sunburn is caused by it, tanning will also be mixed with one foot, the most in summer, but only reach the epidermis.

The skin cancer crisis is currently, and the lazy cancer in the late stage can be cured. Applying sunscreen before going out to prevent aging and protecting your own health should not distinguish between gender, not “female gun” and “smelly beauty”. “.

80% of people will not have sunscreen tips, also Do you dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

Physical sunscreen is more suitable for sensitive muscles than chemical sunscreen

Commercial sunscreen products are always similar in sunscreen mechanism , nothing less physical sunscreen agents and chemical sunscreen:

 80% of people don't have sunscreen tips. Do you dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreen is sensitive to certain chemicals and is sensitive to muscles and children. They are not friendly enough. The chemical sunscreen above SPF40 is difficult to get rid of the greasy skin feel. Therefore, in the high-end sun protection field, which is especially concerned about safety and use, the position of pure physical sunscreen is unshakable.

80% of people do not sunscreen skills, but also Do you dare to say that you are doing sunscreen?

The higher the SPF value, the heavier the skin burden

SPF=the time of sunburn after the sunscreen Sunburn time when sunscreen is not applied.

Using Asian skin in the case of bare muscles for an average of 15 minutes will be calculated by UV redness, SPF20 can give you a protection time= 20 * 15= 300min= 5 hours, this is experts recommend us Use SPF multiples daily, unless you are lying on the beach all day sunbathing.

You are not mistaken, the SPF value of sunscreen is not the higher the better, SPF20 and SPF50 can also protect the skin from harm, and the higher SPF value is not only with the greasy and depressed In addition, it will increase the burden on the skin.

So – now you should know how to sunscreen, not to sunbathe your sunscreen artifact?