A chemistry teacher personally tells you: What is the use of learning chemistry?

A chemistry teacher personally tells you: learning chemistry is flawed When I was a student with

, when I was studying chemistry, my heart was broken, even from the distance. I don’t know why the world is so confusing and totally A discipline of use. Wen can’t make poetry and painting, Wu can’t go out to settle accounts. However, in order to be admitted to the university’s revolutionary ideals, I still tried to summarize the methods, strengthen my memorization, and do more exercises…

However, fate is so tempered, in the process of college entrance examination, I am poor Yang wronged the chemistry to become the highest one, so he chose the chemistry major when he volunteered, and he was inseparable from the chemical.

Until the teacher, I can’t let go. I believe that this life will be destined to be alone in the chemical swamp, and then bid farewell to Cao Xueqin, Beethoven and Da Vinci, and even the handsome pot next to the guitar.

Until one day, I read all the unfamiliar elements of the periodic table that I didn’t need to read the dictionary… I suddenly found that there are more than one hundred different symbols in front of my eyes. Really a set of Morse passwords! If I am an undercover, I can write to the accomplices with the element symbol. At least I can now record my multiple passwords with element symbols to prevent forgetting, or write a diary that I don’t want to be known. No one can understand my language, la la la ~

A chemistry teacher personally tells you: What is the use of learning chemistry?

Since then, the idea of ​​chemistry has blossomed throughout my life. Here’s an example:

1. I know the process of making stinky tofu is simple. Because the tofu is deodorized, it is equivalent to protein denaturation. The denatured protein is still edible, non-toxic and pollution-free. In fact, raw egg cooked is also protein denaturation, which everyone knows can eat. By analogy, I understand that some people like to eat rotten eggs, hairy eggs, and loose eggs. Why can I eat? Because they are all products of protein denaturation. Denaturation can be eaten.

2. Silver plating jewelry. Glucose, ammonia, silver nitrate, just three simple and easily available substances, can chemically react to give us everything we want. The silver mirror reaction experiment on the textbook is just a brick, but as long as you are more connected with life, this brick can lead to jade.

3. Copper sulfate rose. In the lush years, don’t want to make a special rose for your beloved friend? Buying roses is the same, and using anhydrous copper sulfate solution and origami to make a crystal clear copper sulfate rose, I think your friends must see your eyes full of worship of Xueba

4. Natural and pollution-free illusion experiment. Ever heard of elephant toothpaste? As long as hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and detergent, you can instantly make a thin foam column, like a tube of very thick toothpaste is squeezed out. Such a fantastic skill is not for anyone who wants to have it. If you want to have it, you can have it.

5. The wizard is magical. In fact, it is some small chemical principles. One day we can’t get along, we can at least be a god stick, killing ghosts and seeing blood, oh~

6. From then on, don’t buy handmade soap anymore. Just look at the saponification reaction and know that it is good to make handmade soap. simply put. But if you don’t look at it, you will never understand it, and the interlacing is like a mountain.

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There are many more, just not listed one by one. I said that learning chemistry can save lives and murder you. What if I accidentally eat heavy metals? How much can industrial salt eat can be fatal, how can a scientist use his heavy water to thirst and die of his wife?

The landscape has met and experienced so much. I suddenly realized that chemistry is actually us, but it is separated from us and becomes a science that stems from life and is higher than life. We realized that the day of the sincerity, the chemistry came back to us, it was so ordinary, but it was so practical.

A chemistry teacher personally tells you: learning chemistry has Try?