A herd of dugouts has been spotted off the coast of Tahiti Island

From this aerial view screen of the Operations Center of the National Marine Park of Thailand, dugongs sunning can be seen below.

From the screen of this aerial view of the operational center of the National Marine Park of Thailand, dugongs can be seen floating in the fresh turquoise waters, on the shores of the island of South Libong Island.

The dazzling aerial images showed more than 30 dugouts being worn, silently spinning on the shores of the Thai island on Wednesday.

The Thai tourism industry has been in turmoil since the outbreak of Koranivirus, which has displaced millions of people after paralyzing global travel.

But the slowdown in pedestrian traffic has led to a revival of wildlife along coastlines and along waterways, including this week’s record number of breeding nests in leather deserts on the country’s desert beaches.

Pictures of the planes, released by the National Marine Park Operations Center, showed the Duguels gathering in the fresh turquoise waters off the coast of the South Libyan island.

Slow-moving sea creatures that are closely related are classified as vulnerable species.

Thailand has not always been a safe haven from wildlife because plastic waste deprives itself of marine life and water pollution from boat transport disrupts residents.

Last year, an orphaned child was found on the shores of southern Thailand, Dugong, and was heartbroken as conservatives struggled to keep him alive.

He died a month later from an infection that worsened from a garbage dump in his stomach, reviving public debate about Thailand’s urgent need to resolve its plastic addiction.

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