AC Schnitzer BMW X4 0 AC Schnitzer BMW X4 Second Generation (G02)

Famous BMW Tuner AC Schnitzer recently released its first package of the new 2019 BMW X4. Aesthetic Aesthetic Treatment, The new AC Schnitzer BMW X4 improves the look of the Sport Activity Coupe and is somewhat equipped with several strategic components.

On the style frontal, AC Schnitzer BMW X4 G02 is considered to be a refined supplement. You must be a high-class car boy that you notice a new part of it, but when you acknowledge that they are on the long path to create cooling of X4. The parts include a two-spaced front spooler on the face of the bumper and sporting face and the rear wing insert is associated with lower limbs and sports catalysts (M40i only).

AC Schnitzer BMW X4 1 AC Schnitzer BMW X4 Second Generation (G02)

Aero Parts fills a set of signature wheels with tuner and suspension adjustment. AC Schnitzer BMW X4 can be installed in AC1 alloy wheels with anthracite or two-stroke finish, available in 19 and 20 inches. The spring suite is identical to the previous X4 and is about 25 mm height. With the steering wheel and the suspended set of X4 more robust, but sporty ride.

AC Schnitzer BMW X4 7 AC Schnitzer BMW X4 Second Generation (G02)

As always, there are a number of aluminum accessories for interior designers, including i-drive sensor controller, sports pedals and unique key owners. Enhanced sophisticated treatment X4 G02 AC Schnitzer are works and will be announced soon.

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