Accelerated Graphene Industrialization What are the 2018 graphene concept stocks?

Graphite Industrialization Acceleration What are the graphene concept stocks in 2018?

The analysts said that the technology boost + policy support Under the impetus, the graphene industry has basically gone through the research and development stage of preparation, industrialization is accelerating, and the application of graphene technology has entered a period of rapid development. The target investment opportunities with performance support are worthy of attention. So, what are the 2018 graphene concept stocks? Let’s take a look at it briefly.

On July 16, the China Hi-Tech Industrialization Research Association revealed at the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting held in Beijing that China’s graphene-coated modified lithium-ion battery positive and negative materials technology has made a major breakthrough. The breakthrough of technology means that the application of graphene-coated lithium ion positive and negative materials technology to vehicle power batteries is expected to increase the energy density of the current ternary lithium-ion battery cells, and achieve the “Intelligent Vehicle Key Technology Industrialization Implementation Plan” The proposed 2020 vehicle power battery energy density indicator of 300 watt-hour /kg target.

In addition, the “2017-2018 China Graphene Development Annual Report” released recently, since 2017, with the further breakthrough in the preparation process of the upstream enterprises in the graphene industry chain, the downstream enterprises in the graphene industry chain are Applications in the fields of electronics and energy storage have achieved initial success. Touch screens, heating films, and anti-corrosion coatings have become the focus of enterprises. The application of graphene in new energy vehicles and biomedicine is also actively explored. According to industry insiders, the industrialization of graphene is accelerating, starting from the laboratory and going to the market.

What are the graphene concept stocks?

Gorgeous family: Chongqing Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. is its grandson company. In September 2015, Chongqing Moxi Technology and Huasenxin Company signed the “graphene business security mobile phone purchase agreement”. Dongxu Optoelectronics: launched the world’s first graphene-based lithium-ion battery product – “Alkenwang”, which is the first direct-to-consumer graphene product launched by Dongxu Optoelectronics; July 1, 2016, investment 500 million construction of graphene-based lithium battery project; hand in hand to establish a graphene technology research and development center.

Dongxu Optoelectronics: In July 2016, Dongxu Optoelectronics launched the world’s first graphene-based lithium-ion battery, the olefin king, which opened the road to the industrialization of graphene in Dongxu. Up to now, the company’s graphene business has formed a “double engine” layout of industry and capital, becoming the leading enterprise in the application and investment of graphene industrialization in China, and through international institutions such as the Catalonia Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institute of Spain. Cooperation to accelerate the integration of global resources.

Huaxi Energy: In 2016, it acquired a 15% stake in Hengli Shengtai (Xiamen) Graphene Technology Co., Ltd. for 1.35 billion yuan. The company actively deployed the graphene industry, and its main business will be in the existing equipment manufacturing. On the basis of the three major business segments of the project general contract and investment operation, the R&D, production and sales of graphene products are newly added. Cinda Securities believes that with the release of graphene business in the future, the company is expected to achieve rapid growth in performance.