According to Car2Go, 100 car abducted in Chicago have been stolen

In the summer of 2018, Car2Go started in Chicago, where 400 Daimler cars were storming in the streets of the city. But this big fleet was followed by a big blow: the vehicle sharing app has been broken, resulting in up to 100 cars being hijacked. CBS Chicago Reportedly, some of the missing cars were used for crimes.

So far it is unclear what Hakma has done to get it right, but the compromised app seems to have opened the door and thieves were given to free intelligence cars. The 29-square-square-area area of ​​Chicago is expected to have vehicles, but they are not limited to leaving this zone.

The Chicago Car2Go fleet started with Smart ForTwo cars and larger Mercedes-Benz CLA / GLA models. We can imagine that ForTwos is touching a slight any ram raid, but the escape car that can be vanish in the crowd of other common Smart cars seems convenient to abuse. To solve this issue, Car2Go has been frozen in Chicago operations and said it is "Neutralize fraud and work with law enforcement officers".

Personal or confidential user information is not compromised.

CBS ChicagoThat's Brad Edwards today So far 12 people are busy, The story is developing as we speak.