Advanced battery technology creates added value

As a veteran company founded in 1918, Saft has always been a leader in battery design, R&D and manufacturing. Saft’s battery system uses a variety of cutting-edge nickel-based batteries, lithium primary batteries and lithium-ion battery technology to meet a variety of needs for the global industrial infrastructure, transportation systems, smart cities, medical equipment, renewable energy, Battery products are available in telecommunications networks, industrial vehicles, defense systems, and satellite and space applications.

Saft has brought advanced battery technology and applications to its customers, while providing a full range of services tailored to the needs of its customers, creating added value for its customers.

The company has more than 100 years of exchange history with the world railway industry. Today, the company’s specialized nickel-cadmium battery system is designated for start-up, emergency and backup power, signal systems and rail-side applications for diesel locomotives in more than 150 rail networks and public transportation systems worldwide. From the hot Tunisia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka main lines to the cold northern Canada, from EMU/DMU, metro systems serving major cities in South America and North America, Europe and the Middle East, Far East and Australia, to serving European tunnels and The various equipment installations of the Hong Kong Tung Chung Line, the transportation departments of many parts of the world, recognize the nickel-cadmium batteries of the company. Saft will maintain its market dominance and continue to provide the best service to manufacturers, operators and end users of the future railway industry.

Saft’s battery technology and skilled professionals meet the needs of fast, clean, efficient and reliable rail transport in all regions and environments. The company will integrate the engineering design, evaluation, product testing and implementation into the project without any gaps, to meet the customer’s quality standards, control the supply chain needs, and respect the customer’s development process. The company will develop the best overall solution as it does with individual components.

Over the past year, the company has signed a number of important contracts and established itself as a leading supplier in the Chinese railway industry. The company has won a multi-million euro contract from Shanghai Alstom Transportation Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (SATEE) to provide on-board battery systems for the 35 new trains that will be Mercedes-Benz on Shanghai Metro Lines 3 and 4. The key features of the new train are space saving and weight reduction for high frequency and high speed operation. Taking into account passenger comfort and emergency traction demand, Shanghai Alstom Transportation Power Equipment Co., Ltd. selected the Shuaifu MSX nickel-based battery system to provide on-board backup power for the train. These batteries will power the traction motor, respond to grid faults, and compensate for the empty areas of the overhead line, as well as allow trains to reach the station safety zone or the tunnel rescue exit. The system also provides emergency power backup for ventilation, communication, and lighting. The MSX battery also provides emergency traction power for the extension line of Shanghai Metro Line 11, which has been proven to be hundreds of meters.

The text of this article is provided by Shuaifude Company