After the “Shouguang Flood”, how to prevent infectious diseases?

August 19-20, Typhoon When Wenbia entered Shandong, the storms poured down. Weifang Shouguang suffered the biggest flood since 1974, and the vegetable town became a vast ocean.

The village is not top, the greenhouse is destroyed, and the personnel are urgently transferred…

The village in the mouth along the river is the most affected, and the water depth is up to More than 3 meters, even the houses on the north side of the village were submerged, and the breeding area was also flooded.

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Shouguang post-disaster aerial map

According to the villagers, all In the village, 80 pig farmers were farmed, and tens of thousands of pigs were washed away or drowned, with economic losses of tens of millions.

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Village handcuffs “pig strong” transfer

Shandong The Weifang Municipal People’s Government Press Office issued a notice: the livestock that died in Shouguang has been basically harmlessly processed. In order to effectively prevent and control the occurrence and spread of the epidemic, aircraft spray disinfectants will be used to disinfect and destroy key areas.

Wei Wei City People’s Government Press Office Official Weibo

Flood disasters can easily lead to epidemics, and some diseases that have not occurred or rarely occurred for many years may occur due to floods. Although there is no epidemic, prevention and prevention is a long-term work.

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What infectious diseases will occur after the flood?

1. Infectious diseases with intestinal infections :

1 Bacterial dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, cholera, food poisoning, etc.;

2 viral hepatitis A.

2. Infectious diseases infected by skin:


3. Infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes:

such as dengue fever, malaria, and encephalitis.

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How to prevent infectious diseases after floods?

Prevention of intestinal infectious diseases:

To eat cooked food, drink boiled water, wash hands frequently

1. To develop good hygiene habits, wash your hands before and after meals to avoid illness.

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2. We must do a good job in protecting drinking water sources and do a good job in drinking water. Drinking water sanitation is a key measure to prevent and control intestinal infectious diseases after disasters. Bleaching powder or bleaching powder can be used to disinfect drinking water.

3. Pay attention to food hygiene. Do not eat spoiled food, do not eat drowning poultry and livestock, do not eat mildewed food, do not use sewage to wash fruits, tableware should be boiled or disinfected with disinfectant, knives, cutting boards, rags should also be strictly disinfected. Raw and cooked food should be stored separately, and aquatic products and seafood should be cooked and cooked.

4. Isolation treatment and preventive medication for patients and carriers. Strict disinfection of toilets and patients’ vomit, ground, clothing, etc.

5. Pay attention to environmental sanitation, do not urinate with the ground, add poison and kill in the pit, and add the lime to the animal’s body.

Prevention of skin infections:

Strengthen the work of rodent control, strengthen publicity, keep indoors clean, try not to stay in the warehouse, do food well Hygiene, utensil disinfection and food preservation. For leptospirosis, in addition to rodent control, we must manage the remaining livestock, pigs, dogs, etc. should be kept in captivity, so that the feces do not pollute the environment and water sources, and the dead animals should be buried after being disinfected.

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Mosquito-borne infectious disease prevention :

Preventing mosquitoes, mosquito killers, and vaccinations

Pay attention to personal protection, avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, sleeping on mosquito nets at night, sleeping or working in the field at night The exposed skin should be coated with anti-mosquito oil or used as a mosquito repellent.

The livestock and poultry sheds and sanitary corners should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The mosquitoes are often disinfected, the sewers are dredged, the insecticides are sprayed, and a wide range of drugs are sprayed in key areas to reduce the density of mosquitoes.

Isolation of patients or suspected patients under the conditions of anti-mosquito facilities, killing mosquitoes 50-100 meters around the sick, doing good environmental hygiene, and eliminating mosquito breeding grounds.

Especial-age children can be vaccinated against JE vaccine in time for Japanese encephalitis.

Shouguang Hot Spots

Life Precautions after Floods

The flood is retired and the house is thoroughly disinfected, including air conditioning and heating pipes. And filters. Check and dry all appliances before reuse.

When you are inspecting a flooded house, use a flashlight and do not draw a match to prevent a fire due to a gas leak.

It is also necessary to report the damaged infrastructure lines to the relevant departments.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, you should seek medical advice in time to prevent the infection of the bacteria from becoming more serious.

Chinese medicine has special advantages such as “simple”, “safe” and “effective” in the treatment of “not sick” and special flood prevention and disease prevention. The current disaster area is hot and wet, and it is easy to get sick from “heavy” and “wet”, leading to stomach upset. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, it is advisable to drink “heat-clearing, dampening” products.

Prevention recommendation:

1, fresh lotus leaf 10-20 grams, two slices of ginger, boiled with water 300ml to about 150 ~ 200ml, on behalf of tea Drink 2 times a day.

2, fresh lotus leaf 10-20 grams, 20 grams of mung bean, boiled with water 500ml to 150 ~ 200ml, on behalf of tea, 2 times a day.

The above two generations of tea have the effect of aromatizing and dampness, which is suitable for the general public.

Acute gastroenteritis

Acute gastroenteritis is an acute inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa. The clinical manifestations are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever. Wait. The disease is common in summer and autumn, and it occurs mostly due to improper diet, overeating, or eating cold, rot, turbid and unclean food.

Preventive prescription

Eat 2 to 4 freshly washed garlic before meals, or take vinegar in the meal.

Common disease prescription

Gegen Qilian soup: Pueraria 15g, berberine 9g, licorice 6g, astragalus 9g. Granules or traditional Chinese medicine decoction water, 1 dose per day, divided into two doses.

: Musk 10g, Perilla 12g, Atractylodes 10g, Angelica 10g, Poria 15g, Pinellia 10g, Campanulaceae 12g, Magnolia 10g, dried tangerine peel 12g, Ginger 10g. Granules or traditional Chinese medicine decoction water, 1 dose per day, divided into two doses.

Standard Chinese Medicine

Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills (including Huoxiang Zhengqi Water, Concentrated Dropping Pills, Oral Liquid), Berberine Tablets, Pueraria lobata , Xianglian pills and so on.

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Maybe we can’t help much, substantial Busy, but we can do it, far more important than I thought: let more people know that this land is waiting for help.

Your sharing and forwarding will be the best blessing for the people affected by Shouguang.

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