AI talent battle, JP Morgan Chase dig Google AI executives

JPMorgan Chase digs Google AI talent to uncover the fact that the demand for AI talent in the industry is greater than supply, and this situation will only get worse. Faced with a large number of demands, doctors and professors in the academic world have gradually been attracted and have come to the road of separation. The more people in the AI ​​industry show their talents, the fewer people are struggling to study, how does this situation affect the progress of artificial intelligence?

 AI talent battle, JP Morgan Chase google Google AI executives

Wall Street and Shibuya AI The talent battle is further escalated

According to overseas media reports, JP Morgan Chase has hired an executive from Google to take charge of its artificial intelligence related business. This time, JP Morgan hired Apoorv Saxena, head of artificial intelligence products at Google Cloud. Saxena will join the company on August 31 as head of artificial intelligence and machine learning services. He will also be responsible for artificial intelligence technology for asset and wealth management.

 AI talent battle, JP Morgan Chase google Google AI executives

Whether it is Shibuya giant or Shibuya start-up Companies, are rushing to compete for AI experts. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Shibuya Startup, and a large number of industrial and financial companies are vying for a small group of experienced artificial intelligence experts who believe that whoever gets the priority will be able to create an automation first. s future.

This has also made the technologist’s market more volatile than ever before, and in some cases, the company has compensated millions of dollars for talent changes. In order to prevent financial technology companies and mature technology giants from attracting their customers, banks are increasingly seeking external funding from technology learning to machine managers such as blockchains. According to reports, nearly one-third of JPMorgan’s senior employees are from outside the industry.

Professors from American universities have left their posts and turned to AI talents in the industry!

Under the temptation of huge funds and resources, many academic experts have also left the ivory tower to join the industry.

According to recent news, Andrew Moore, dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, will leave the company at the end of this year and will no longer serve as Dean of CMU Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science and Robotics.

Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington, confirmed that he will join hedge fund giant D.E. Shaw on August 27 as the general manager and head of the company’s new machine learning team.

 AI talent battle, JP Morgan Chase dig Google AI executives

For professionals, recruiting The hotter they are, the more valuable they are. Technology companies are willing to pay so much money to hire people that the qualified AI talent is far less than the demand position. In order to recruit the best talent, the company will provide generous salary, top computing equipment and technical challenges that may affect the lives of billions of people.

In the past, outstanding mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists made big money in big cities. Now they are likely to receive training in artificial intelligence and move to technology companies. Zoubin Ghahramani, professor of information engineering at Cambridge University and chief scientist of the car software Uber, said, “There are many very good opportunities in the AI ​​industry. In comparison, job opportunities in big cities seem to be both boring and not too expensive. From the point of view of intellectual interest or lifestyle, AI-related work is difficult to refuse.”

In the context of more talents entering the industry, we look forward to more innovations and changes in the coming years.