Americans miss stability and common goals in their service

Sounds From Age of Unknown Works - Americans Can Still Stability And Share Their Jobs

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The well-being of the American worker on the surface is nasty.

Unemployment in the United States is 50 years low and employers describe the growing shortage of workers in a wide range of areas.

But looking beyond a different story is a different story. My new book, "The Importance of Work At Uncertainty," reveals that some American erosions work in the world of work that bothers their well-being, relationships and hopes in the future.

We can not just blame the poor economy. This is also the result of the growing uncertainties of the US economy, with more short-term jobs that do not have security and worthwhile benefits. At the same time, the salaries of the employee continue to stagnate, which underlines the problem.

Beyond numbers, is a difficult reality

The unemployment rate, which is 3.7 percent, is the lowest since 1969, is a common meteorological economist and others use labor market understanding and how to work hard.

Despite the fact that statistics show that the American labor market is a large number, it does not tell us that their quality and extreme reality ignores. Moreover, it does not take into consideration the rising and irreversible prevalence of what is called minimal work of short-term or contractual work, such as less sick or health insurance.

The most striking example is Uber drivers and TaskRabbit free vendors, but it also includes codes, warehousing workers and many of the short-term contracts. According to the latest estimates, this type of work now works 11% of jobs.

Despite the fact that the increase in jobs is slower, the fact that 94 percent of new jobs are short-lived.

For thousands of Americans in parallel with wages, this creates serious stress for today's workers.

Works of erosion

In order to study the nature of the change of nature, the research team interviewed 58 employees with a wide range of backgrounds.

We have used quality research methods and scholarships to help us interpret interpretations and conclude important conclusions.

One of the main receptions of this interview and my work is that people feel more about the loss of stability, security and security in the workforce that is worried about the deep feeling of psychological distress. People feel that their jobs and societies that increase the health of workers.

The stories I heard were painful and revealing. In particular, three pockets are distinguished.

"You know the next thing, you are on the door"

For some workers, the red slip mark shows the work to find a police car in the parking lot. The police sometimes called for a massive departure to ensure that unsatisfied employees do not get involved in sabotage or worse.

This was a 63 year old computer programmer we've researched. He was dismissed by mass shutdown and the third part of its colleagues in the high-tech company. At one point he was taking a very positive assessment. Next, he was in the street.

"I saw it [my manager] I was there, I knew that I was next, "he said." You get a little money. You are telling your medical plan in the next two weeks. You get the box and you know the next thing from the door. "

After he lost his job, he struggled with stable work. He spent a taxi, serving beer tampa in buckeyer games, and even schoolchildren moved to school. Her perseverance was finally paid off and she was able to train to become a teacher. But the number of suspicious jobs in this period is still unsatisfactory in his family.

The underlining of such nature emphasizes how the workers are commodities that are contrary to the organizations and employers' resources, which constitute simple costs to reduce profits.

"The new form of slavery"

Other workers may not be able to avoid suspicious work in the world.

At the beginning of the 20-ies of the African American lady, she said she was not able to go to college where she had the skills needed to get knowledge, because it was necessary to start employment and grandmother. So he worked in unstable retail jobs that do not have such basic benefits as health care.

After his grandmother died, he moved to Boston hopes that a better job is a stronger city. But can not find a job with which his skills and retail trade are lost, lost his flat and stayed in the shelter. His experience left the bitter labor market, which he referred to as a new form of slavery.

"I have been working for almost two years and I am now desperate," he said. "So I'm ready to be a slave what I do not do."

I asked a few women from this particular shelter and told each of them a story about how much less skilled worker was working for stable work.

The fact that women used slavery as an analogy of work Experience The psychological pain in the world speaks about the challenges associated with this work.

"Working work"

A 50-year-old white man who was in government-sponsored services agency told us that his best working days were in the mirror in the mirror.

During the interview, he had a temporary service in the agency but was not optimistic that he would remain outside the six-month contract. He thought that he was the first to work in the college, and he remembers the joy of those who appreciate each other and their common goal. But it was gone.

His current unstable labor has left lives in relationships and friends, and without intent.

"I'm no longer a job to fulfill my needs," he said. "Work."

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