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If something could ever have happened to the world underneath the airplane, it would be a vision of the car's wheel and some of the planet's most spectacular venues. Unfortunately, there is no 37,000 m altitude above sea level or even a solid foundation on this issue, but this ticket is definitely the most exciting.


In Wales, Snowdonia is very popular throughout the year. It sounds magical, is not it? The remote seventy millimeter driver that you come from the mountains is magical as hell that you can get – except for traveling in the air and above the clouds! Like many modern tourist destinations, Snowdonia has some small mountainous villages, coastline, wetlands, and waterfalls.

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Would you like to just go and tell one of them to make a disc in every single one? No. You are much better at Snowdon in step by step, the easier it is because there are places that stay in the night or just a quick stop; which one do you prefer. Start the drive on the 1925 fantasy village Portimirion, where there are plenty of housing, and then Pavtahdam, Tragos and finally Rhyd.

Hardknott Pass

Up to the Lake District, the Hardknott Pass among the most dangerous exciting road trips to expect at any time; In the beginning of the route read the signs: "Extreme Risks of Fierce Bends", which puts the prospect of just how much fun you have when you face these roads – or adrenaline, if you have a kick out looking past the sheer drops and sharp bends around the coastal cliffs.

Hardknott pass over irrigated road tours car lovers

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Start with the experience at Little Langdale, which can be extended through Wryness Pass and follow the deadly network of hairstyle – the breathing pace and frequent delights. Then, the end will be harmful to the origin and men's testing, car and brakes. The best part is that when you reach the end, you can turn around and do everything.

North Coast Drive

Starting from Belfast, the Northern Coast Drive offers 130 miles of beautiful coastal views around. After every point on the North Coast you find yourself in the light of the city's bright light – there are plenty of places to stop you. Derry is one of the remaining walls of Ireland that you can explore to get to the North Coast.

Departure to the North Coast for road lovers

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Head north of Belfast, where M2 is the Causeway Coast route and only the Carrickfergus Castle, where the landscape is a little crazier than you might have expected; Do not look back. There is a isolation is the Garron Point, after which you stayed up the steep roads into the distant Glenariff Forest Park, where every ground level has become small little specs at distant distances.

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