Ancient galaxies were threatened by enemies as 2,000 years ago

According to some Greek and Roman historical accounts, Celtic tribes – people who have captured modern France and neighboring regions – used their enemies and defeated their enemies There is a lot of speculation around this gruesome practice, but the new archaeological investigation suggests that the legend actually rooted in reality.

Confused phases on the Iron Age Coupe indicate that the terrible ancient Celtic practice can be real. Credit: Fouille Programmée Le Cailar.

Confused phases on the Iron Age Coupe indicate that the terrible ancient Celtic practice can be real. Credit: Fouille Programmée Le Cailar.

A series of texts and samples suggest headhunting were common practice among Celtic races and tribes like Gauls. For example, Iron Age statues are found in Entremont, the oldest settlement in southern France. Historical texts go further in detail, describing how the gols are subdued by their dead enemies, but with cedar oil, their walls and walls, or front of the houses.

Archaeologist Archeologist at the Montpellier Paul Walker University in France argued that the pragmatic practices were likely to increase the status of the gols that reflected them, but were used as a weapon of psychological fighting, such as the Romans.

Roure and colleagues wanted to learn the accuracy of the Celtic commander and get acquainted with South California, Le Cailar, the potassium of the sixth century BC From the early 2000s until 2000, the archaeologists dug up about 50 tattoos that spilled 2,500 fragments together with weapons. Placing weapons and tunes so closely suggests that they might be shown.

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The researchers performed chemical analysis of 11 skull fragments, found that six pieces were contaminated with resin and vegetable oils. Some of the molecules present on the surface of the fragments can only appear when the pine resin is warm at high temperatures. Fragments also wounded wounds that were said to remove the brain from the trench, the authors reported in the journal Archaeological Science.

Fragments of the BC It was dated to the third century that caused frequent and intense conflict throughout Western Europe. So all the jack like Jack – historical accounts, artefacts and skull fragments – painted a terrible picture. According to Roure, Gaol could overwhelm embargoes in order to reduce the face and properties of their destroyed enemy. According to Greek writers, Strabo and Sicily, Diodorus, only the heads of the people, such as the enemy leaders and the great fighters, the emblem, but it was not confirmed.

It is not clear if the practice was for foreign enemies, or whether they were protected by the memory of the tribes. The authors plan to learn more about learning more practices.

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