Atomic imaging of molybdenum oxide nanowires by a unique and complex periodic scanning electron microscope

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Crystalline Mo5Oh14 It is distinguished from structural features such as tunnel structure and pseudoleamular arrangement according to the ideal model. However, the spatial resolution of conventional transmission electron microscope (TEM) techniques is insufficient to distinguish the actual positions of the atoms. In this paper we aimed to systematically analyze and identify mutual understanding5Oh14 Nanocomposites prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The use of High Angular Rular Dark Field (HAADF), Rular Radial Field (ABF), and Enhanced Ruling Layer (E-ABF) in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) mode reveals structural features on an atomic scale. In addition, ultrahigh resolution images confirmed the crystallographic information [001] Growth direction for Mo5Oh14 Total nanowire with tunnel structure. The transversal sections show a unique near-packed aircraft and atomic arrangement through the Ministry of Health network6 octahedra and MOO7 Pentagonal bipyramids. These results are consistent with the theoretical atomic arrangement, facilitating the realization of Mo-real5Oh14Catalysts used in selective oxidation and battery applications.