Australian Chemistry

Australian universities generally value scientific research, and many professional courses are related to science and are also the strengths of Australian universities. The Australian chemistry major is also one of the leading majors, especially in chemical engineering. It is a bridge between the disciplines of chemistry, physics and engineering. It covers a wide range of fields and has a good employment prospect. Xiaobian recommends the University of New South Wales’s chemical engineering program, which is a special course of the school. Please see below for details.

Australian Chemistry

Australian Chemistry Professional Career Prospects

The chemistry profession has a wide range of employment, and graduate employment includes a range of industries, government agencies, private consulting firms, etc. . Examples include: environmental protection, natural resource utilization and energy industries, chemicals, petrochemicals, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, computer-aided process and control engineering, advanced materials design and manufacturing, mineral processing and related industries, food processing, product design and Development and so on.

In Australia, 67.2% of students who graduated with a degree in chemical engineering find full-time jobs related to their majors after graduation. The starting salary for graduates is $60,000 per year. The starting salary for master’s graduates is 75,000 Australian dollars. After graduation, the students can work in: consulting engineers, product design /engineers, research and development engineers, sales representatives, environmental engineers. There are stable employment opportunities in the environmental, pharmaceutical, materials, fuel, and specialty chemical industries.

Undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Metallurgy Engineering at Murdoch University, please check

Australian Chemistry School

University of New South Wales, Australia (UNSW) Chemical Engineering is one of the specialty and strengths of its engineering school, which offers undergraduate and master’s degrees.

The University of New South Wales’s chemical engineering program is a bridge between the chemical, physical sciences, and engineering disciplines. Chemical engineers translate the research in the physical and biological sciences into operational technologies and products for industrial companies and the public. Chemical engineers have a very important role in many fields, including information technology, environmental management, food safety, antibiotic and drug development, and petroleum metallurgy. Even in some economic development fields, chemical engineers play a very important role. In the work of chemical engineers, the development of safe and economical products is the main purpose.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) is a four-year program that generally requires students to complete a freshman or foundation course with an average grade of at least 85 and a language IELTS score of 6.5 or higher. . The most important thing is that this course is a course accredited by the Australian Engineering Association. Master of Engineering Science (Chemical Processing Engineering), which requires students to complete a formal undergraduate degree or degree in science, and an average university score of 75 or above, and has an academic background related to this major.

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