Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan’s Spurs Legend

Time goes back to 2009, the regular Spurs play against the Rockets at home, and the scores in the fourth quarter are not diminished. In the face of the stamina Spurs, Rockets coach Adelman immediately called for the suspension of the next tactics, at this time, a very rare scene on the basketball court.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan Spurs legend

You louder, I didn’t hear the last sentence.

At this moment, I think Adelman’s heart is collapsing. I thought: I’ve been in the stadium for decades, and my age is bigger than my father’s Popovich. The old man, who has seen shame has never seen such a shameless. Eavesdropping tactics are much more, can make the face of both sides of the enemy and me listen carefully, but I still have a small voice and you are one! People can’t be seen, the world is like this. Some people always like to hide under the fascinating appearance, and they can do their best. Remember Howard in the Lakers era? I don’t know if he feels cold in the back when he walks past the sidelines… A pair of affectionate eyes are staring at him with deep affection, and his face is full of strange smirk.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan Spurs legend

! @#¥%…& I feel that the brain is short-circuiting

I can blow up David Robinson’s genius inside the college, the biggest forward in NBA history, and the largest collective swing in the history of the league. The initiator of the rotten incident, the debut of the peak is one or two decades. Wait, these terms seem to be incapable of screaming the vocabulary? But life is full of so many coincidences, unfortunately, Tim Duncan is the leader, very lucky, and now he retired and finally let many team players celebrate.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan's Spurs legend

Go home and hug the child, miss me? I will be back.

Thank you for the hurricane, thank you for the sharks, and thank them for their outstanding contributions to forcing Duncan to embark on the basketball path. Without your help, this genius big man may have become a professional psychiatrist, Nobel Prize winner in physics, or comedy star? Who remembers the desperate Cardinal Auerbach in the 1997 draft, he put all the Green Army players in front of Popovich, only asked him to do one thing: use the top pick in his hand to choose Larry Gies-Fan Horn of the Second World.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan The Spurs legend

Van Horn is not bad, he is just born, no matter how early or late, he will become A well-deserved superstar

The Spurs are hesitating, and Popovich is thinking about it. In the face of the Celtics’ good chips, he can’t help but be tempted. Van Horn is very strong, and the superior shooting ability of the basketball IQ is exactly what the Spurs need. However, the cold water of Bobone’s old Nelson still makes Bobo wake up: I don’t choose Duncan, I will take a gun to your home! The Spurs are fortunate. The son of God, Eliot, won the No. 1 pick, and they did not waste. They really brought Duncan back to the barren San Antonio. However, the joy of the Holy City led to the collapse of the Green Army, and the generation of Tianjiao Cardinal suddenly left.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan Spurs legend

Cardinal, a dangerous but great man!

When Duncan first appeared in the Spurs Training Hall, Bobo found that he might have read the wrong person. This expression is a potentially dangerous person. On the court, the offensive and defensive versatile kills the Quartet, and the whole person outside the stadium is funny and omnipotent! In the next two decades, everyone involved with the Spurs will continue to endure his unreasonable troubles, whether you are active or retired, a player or a coach, and the stadium is still under the court.

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan Spurs legend

There is too much hair, I will help you to go down!

Day after day, year after year. The dull and unpretentious technology made him a representative of the core players in the interior. The strength of the arm is excellent, and it can be easily handled both at the 4th and 5th. Except for the face that can’t sell sneakers and the whole person’s routine activities every day, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. In this way, Bobo still can’t get used to it. He needs the team’s trump card to listen to his own words, so that he can live in the group of bad guys who don’t know how to be tall. Bobo used his own method to establish authority. In a game, he denounced Duncan in front of the team: Who do you think you are? ! The answer I got was so correct: my name is Timothy-Theodore Duncan, graduated from Wake Forest University, the first round of the first round in 1997…

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan's Spurs Legend


Well, anyway, the last wave is a success, just a different way to make an agreement with this smart person, as for the price is the red wine of the family. Since then, the Spurs have finally embarked on the peak of the 20-year-old 5 crown, and also let a group of fans remember the old boys of these Spurs. Time goes too fast, we don’t have time to remember too many classic moments, but why have you ever tried to remember? Thanks to the spears of the young people who have brought us wonderful, although there is no king’s mercury diarrhea, no sun’s seven-second storm, and no Lakers’ showtime, at least they let the fans see the hope of ordinary people and see the power of the team. !

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan The Spurs legend

This picture, I can’t write any notes, only the tears flow down.

Thank you for staying, you have worked hard for so many years. I heard that I have recently helped the disaster relief in my hometown of the Virgin Islands. I can’t say anything about it, just use your own map to give you a compliment! I wish this old guy a happy retirement and wish the Spurs win the championship again in the new season. Amount, no reason, the number of GDP brothers ring is not the same?

Basketball Archaeology: Comedian Tim Duncan Spurs legend

I give me a thumbs up!

The final story of the Spurs chapter is over, thanks for watching, we will see you next time. Like the Spurs’ little friends, welcome to pay attention to the lunatic god space, nothing to communicate, I hope everyone is happy!