Bentley Mulliner Bacalar imagined a rainbow in the back

You watch the winning competition in an online competition held in Bentley, which colleagues and their families have selected for their own Mulliner Bacalar, along a two-seater road, of which only 12 will be built. No, there is no plan to build it, and the rainbow motif symbolizes hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it's fun to imagine how you can manage it.

We were only told that the design of the winning design comes from someone named Eleanor, and Bentley adds the responsibility that “anyone can imagine the specification of their dream from Bentley’s unusual range of interior and exterior colors”, so technically, we find that it is possible from those users. , Those who have registered can order it for production. There are also plenty of other ways to create a topless car, inside and out.

Rainbow colors include Dragon Red II, which is pictured on the 2012 GT V8, and used the Bentayga speedometer during the orange flame. Bentley used Yellow Flame Bacalar.

Bentley also held a competition for interior design, but has not yet shared the winning record.

The competition was judged by the head of design, Stefan Silaf, who had previously told him Auto Club About how the Baccalaureate Coach Construction Project has grown to meet the needs of a beautiful exclusive, customizable product that consumers don’t get and only arrive in nine months. Inspired by the EXP 100 GT electric concept, the Bacalar uses a 650-horsepower 6.0-liter W12 engine. All 12 are already talking about a price tag of $ 2 million.

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