Bob Bondurant driving school shuts after bankruptcy filing

Oct 2, Bob Bondurant School High Quality Management Filed under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. At its creation, the 50 year old race claims that between 50 and 99 creditors between $ 1 million and $ 10 million and $ 1 million – $ 10 million. The school publishes a statement saying: "Our plan will come out of this process as a strong company and will continue this company in the next 50 years." Instead, on Monday, November 12, Chandler, Arizona-based institution closed the door with no official explanation.

Bondrand is the official transport school of the SRT transport school from 2015. According to him, during the past two years, Dodge has conducted a one-day training for SRT to buyers and renters for one year after the end of the deal.

The schoolchildren can not even see the closure of one owner at Forum member Av62nv arrived at Bondurant on Monday to begin his four-day experience. After a long pause, Av62nv wrote that the instructor walked and told the class: "Sorry guys, I do not know how to say this, but as some people may know the school chapter 11 bankruptcy and it looks like 7 now we are closed."

Another post board, CubeMan, wrote that "technicians and employees are loaded with their tools and paychecks are clearly bounced." Presumably, the family hell Jason Bondunant arrived and tried to explain; In short, the good thing came with a sharp ending, but there was a "chance to go back."

Other posters in the forum noted how they have reservations in June 2019 or were unable to receive their classes because they do not know what is happening due to delayed delay. The website is still on, but the Bondurant spokesman confirmed the closure Classic carsAnd the note about the school door reads: "The school is closed, check all the investigations related to Pap Bondurant." Papu Bobouant's wife, married to a Moroccan grand-prize in 2010, was married.

A month ago, Bondurant's chapter 11 bankruptcy statement reads: "We will continue to work and serve our students and corporate groups as usual, and we create new business relationships to ensure company's viability in the future." Obviously, this will not happen. A spokeswoman said Classic cars "More details are likely to be released in the coming days."

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