Bounded by states in the continuum in anisotropic plasma metasorphs

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The concept of optical constrained states (BICs) in Continuum is currently moving in the field of dielectric resonance nanotechnology, providing an important physical mechanism for engineering high quality (high Q) optical resonances in engineered dielectric nanoparticles and structured dielectrics. For structured metal metas, the sale of BICs remains a challenge associated with the severe decomposition losses of plasma materials. Here, we offer and realize experiments Anisotropic plasma metastases Support for high Q resonances regulated by quasi-BIC collective resonance modes. Our meta-objects consist of arrays of vertically oriented double-supported meta-molecules covered with a thin layer of gold. We engineer quasi-BIC modes and observe experimentally sharp resonances in the IR reflection spectrum. Our work offers a direct route to enhance the resonant field amplification action in plasma metastases by combining the small effective mode volumes of plasma systems with the high Q resonances engineered by BIC physics, multiple applications, and light-interacting light to high power interactions. And quantum photonics.