Bowlus Road Home Endless Highways Wave Passenger Trailers Floats

When a product is already at the top end of quality and luxury, there are only so many ways it can reach new heights. One such method is experimenting with new materials that enhances the experience, both visually and tactically. Following the introduction of the $ 185,000 infinite highway model in early 2019, the head of Bowlus Road introduced a marine inspired model called the Wave Bespoke Edition.

From the exterior view, the 26-foot wave trailer is mostly unchanged. It still has a polished metal shell made of 2024 aircraft grade aluminum. Its aerodynamic shape is the same with the tear rear, and it still uses independent torsional suspension for inappropriate travel and adventure. The main difference is the wheels are black. However, the move is coming in and buyers have welcomed the environment that is affecting racing yachts and uses designs that reflect sea-ready vessels.

CEO Geneva Long and her team have chosen a matte organic vegan material for seating fabric that is going to imitate the soft feel of the Zamshah. Comes to the Marina del Rey Blu, inspired by the tin beach where Bullus is located and has contrasting pipes of Main Sail White. The unique blue was also used in the bedroom on the headboard, which is a feature of Wave's new design. The linen linen theme is integrated with Osyter and Bastion Blue coloring.

Special woods and metals are added to the story in the main cabin. The ceiling spine line, which runs through the back door, is made of aluminum and has a Marina Del Rey blue pipeline. Bowlu made waves from the walnut tables and also replaced the birch wood floor with "yacht quality" walnut and hull wood. Additional features include tablet mounting in the bedroom and living room, meteorological tools added to single walls, Bowlus's branded log (ship's magazine, perhaps?), Matching table linen and special badges.

Like the base model of the base Endless Highways, the Wave electric configuration is designed for offset housing and includes a 4 kWh lithium-iron phosphate battery pack, a 2,000 W inverter, an 80 A / h fast charger and an optional solar panel. For easy information, the whole electrical system can be monitored with Bluetooth connectivity.

Bowles said the wave will be built in extremely limited quantities and starts at $ 225,000.