The researcher of the Swiss University has called for a new article on tropical marine conservation attempts, as those who had previously sought for alternative habitats on food and revenue to coral reefs, which are influenced by animals under pressure.

In the article Current biologyThe University College of Sciences, Dr. Richard Anson, has revealed that people are relying on coral reefs, as the reefs are becoming more and more threatening, as climate change and global temperatures are growing uncertain.

Instead, the article shows that people view fisheries as fishermen, but this habitat threatens the world. Now it is necessary to focus on tropical marine conservation. Although the segregation is prevalent globally, there is evidence to raise the level of degradation because of local water problems and physical concerns, but these are factors that may occur locally. Unsworth said "with the right support can be a bright future for the seagrass."

Even though coral reef cuts are a bit of attention and conservation, Dr. Unsworth notes that it is time to focus on the Tropical Marine Conservation Society and become more realistic. Conservation attempts prove that they can no longer focus only on coral reefs but must also follow the sega in the future. There are growing fanciful ideas for growing fanciful ideas to save coral reefs, but do not recognize the thinking across a wide tropical marine seascape to rationalize where resources can be more efficiently focused.

Dr Unsworth- said: "Governments, non-governmental organizations and communities to increase conservation efforts and use their limited resources more conservation-oriented in order to ensure sustainable .sargazad systems, there is a practical conservation opportunities to develop sustainable ways of increasing resource use, Targets imartuli actions now can help restore and protect segrasis meadows, and a lot to maintain ecosystem function of supply. "

The article describes the number of ways in which the segregation conservation benefits the people and the planet, as the segregation meadows play an important role in a number of key areas, including:

  • Promote global fisheries production
  • Our global carbon cycle is the most important role
  • Important bio-filters in our coastal eco-system

Dr. Anson, who published an article with the Cardiff University staff, along with Uppsala University and James Cook University, said: "There are some coral reef conservation" clear spots "that indicate the potential to survive the coral reef, but in order to keep our tropical seas And support of people, We urgently need to focus on protecting ecosystems and biodiversity that provide the most critical ecosystem services, while maintaining the possibility of maintaining climate in the future.

"Seagrass meadows are one of the ecosystems and their conservation is important for hundreds of millions of people to live and to feed the food, it is time to manage global conservation to maintain the ecosystems of Segara."

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