Chemistry teaches you to learn chemistry tricks!

Do you believe in a small trick? I don’t believe that even if there are other people’s learning methods, you can only learn from them and can’t apply them. Applying is useless. If you don’t know how to find a learning method, you can learn from the tyrants and then explore your own learning methods.

Return to the topic, learning chemistry is not to memorize, so it is not good, listening is a matter of course, if you are not obsessive, do exercises after class, and then read the detailed answer, so that you It’s much easier to remember the knowledge points without memorizing the hardbacks. It’s much better than the method of rote memorization, and it doesn’t hurt. You can also know which knowledge points are out of the question.

It’s not to say no, but to have less back. Some knowledge points are required by the teacher, so don’t be lazy, you have to back.

There is nothing in the world that can be obtained without paying for it.

Come on, you will become a master.