General Motors' new military defense will develop Chevrolet Silverado's ultra-light, heavy duty creator, saying that the next generation of hydrogen fuel and battery systems are supported.

It's so called Silverado ZH2, the epoch of the small Chevy Colorado ZH2, a pickup pickup pickup engine developed by GM and US Army Research and Engineering Center in 2016. Proven versatile dynamic suspension "and a range of more than 400 meters.

Silverado ZH2 is equipped with GM Defense Hydrotec Fuel Cells and Jouletec Battery System. Former dual as a mobile power source between 50 and 100 kWh and a source of water source that can generate two gallons of water as one of its only waste products per hour. It also offers fast recharging only 3 minutes. According to the wise videos, the end of the front is not far from the beginning of this year 2020 from the photo of Silverado HD Chevy.

The Genetically Modified Defense System will continue to fulfill the military programs contracts this year and fill the billboard after the company's General Dynamics Corporation sold $ 1.1 billion in 2003. This device was also developed on a cellular hydrogen fuel cell platform similar to Scouto. Off-road, autonomous driving and operating as a mobile power source.

GM and Honda announced last year that they would jointly build more fuels that were genetically modified in 2020 by GM's "Brownstown" battery life workshop. In the autumn of last year, gender was announced that transport consumers will be able to transport fuel consumption within 5 years. His plans are to add 20 new battery electric and fuel vehicles globally by 2023.

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