Clean room planning and design – air purification treatment

1. Air purification treatment for all levels of air cleanliness should be carried out with three-stage filtration of primary, medium and high efficiency air filters.

Note 1: 100,000 air purification treatment, sub-high efficiency air filter can be used to generate high efficiency air filter.

2. When determining the centralized or decentralized clean air conditioning system, the characteristics of the production process and the cleanliness level, area and location of the clean room should be considered. Where the production process is continuous and the clean room area is large, the centralized clean room with strict concentration and noise control and vibration control should adopt a centralized clean air conditioning system.

3. The design of the clean air conditioning system should make rational use of the return air. If the process produces a large amount of harmful substances and the local treatment cannot meet the hygienic requirements, or if it is harmful to other processes, the return air will not be applied.

4. Purification air conditioning system In addition to the DC system and the system for setting up the duty fan, anti-backflow measures should be taken to prevent outdoor polluted air from entering the clean room through the fresh air inlet.

Clean Room Planning and Design - Air Purification Handling