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Thus, Marcus Bryce's experiment was that he feared he could not be.

The cells in the system, which translate the genetic code of life, have replaced the more than 1000 essential lichipic primitive substitutes if you could see the translation system to survive and function. It seemed impossible, but it worked to be swimming, and Bray had solid evidence that the big builder proteins were active in strict conditions in which it developed 4 billion years ago.

The success of the experiment proved once again that the foundation of the translation system on early grounds of life on earth.

There are all living beings, because the translation system receives notifications received from DNA by RNA and contains messages in proteins. The system is called a cell car called ribosome, which consists of numerous large molecules of RNA and protein and is known to everywhere in life.

"There is nothing live without ribosomes," said Lori Williams, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the Georgian Institute of Technology. "Ribosome is the oldest and most universal part of biology and its origin is far too far back in time not long after the Earth was created and cooled."

Eat your magnesium

This lichchain brand yanked out and replaced the metal ions (atoms charge, in this case positive).

Today's ribosome, and the whole translation system, they are magnesium ions and bray experiments have replaced them with all metal ions and manganese ions, which are overly on the primitive earth. Williams and Jennifer Glass, the main investigators of the new research, also doubted that it had to be done.

"I thought," It's not going to work, but we can also expect it, "Williams says," It was similar to that before, but with simple molecules. "The fact that Magnum's magnesium was the reality of the reality was mind-boggling."

This is because living systems today, magnesium helps shape ribosomes holding them together. Magnesium also requires 20 additional enzymes translation system. This is one reason why dietary magnesium (eg) is very important.

"The number of different samples of magnesium in ribosome and the translation system is just huge," Williams says. "There is a lot of catalytic activity in translation and almost all of them are magnetic."

Lava-belching the earth

When the first life came into existence, the flow of the earth's crust was again spread by Laava and Meteor. There was no pleasant oxygen and the planet was iron and manganese.

This may make them attractive to use the translation system as dominant ions. Magnum was supposedly involved, but it seemed less accessible today.

The researchers should know if the translation system first started functioning with other metals, such as their samples. So, the graduate assistant of Bray, Williams and Glass Laboratory will substitute magnesium ions for them.

"We did not have any important grounds to prove it would work and it was a big surprise to all of us," Bryant said. And it proves to be that the system of translation has been significantly increased in the conditions of the earth.

Bray, co-author Timothy Lenny and co-investigators Glass and Williams published the results in the journal Works of the National Academy of Sciences November 9, 2018 The research was financed by the NASA Exobiology Program. Glass is Assistant Professor in Texas School of Earth and Atmospheric Science.

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Surprisingly, atomic swaps strongly changed the shape of the ribosome.

"It's totally unbelievable that it will work, because biology is of particular importance to change one atom and it can spoil all the protein," Williams said. "When we read the structure, we saw that all three metals have done essentially in the structure."

Magnesium substituting iron replacement system when they were tested, ranged from 50 to 80% efficiently as normal (magnesium). "Manganese has worked better than iron," said Bryant.

"I think it could be a manual copying the result because the entire ribosome survey covers the field of magnesium," Bray said. "Now that we have done, it's no longer the case that only Magnium works."

The primary gas tent

Iron, iron, or manganese during the special chamber oxygen, which was ninety years ago.

He found that magnesium replacement was much more atoms of ribosome.

"A huge cloud of magnetic atoms around the rhinium, called atmosphere, or shells, and completely burns it, has changed everything, and the whole system still works."

Along with the road, in the presence of magnesium, the evolution of the translation system can be given adaptive advantage. As the oxygen level has increased on Earth, it is mandatory to have free manganese and iron and make it less accessible to biology, magnesium probably considers thousands of roles that still exist today.