Discover a new generation of drugs for the treatment of depression

Discover a new generation of drugs for depression treatment

Introduction of new drugs

Ketalar, which many people think is a miracle drug for depression.

Ketalar is often referred to as “special K” and has been a major anesthetic in the emergency department since the 1960s. Ketamine is also a psychedelic illegal drug commonly used in bar clubs.

Pharmacological studies

In the past decade, studies have shown that it can effectively treat severe suicide depression that traditional antidepressants cannot treat, sometimes even It only takes a few hours.

Ketamine has not been promoted in view of safety and long-term effects. The side effects are mainly psychedelic symptoms (illusion and panic attacks), nausea, cardiovascular irritation, memory deficits, and bladder and kidney complications.

Discover a new generation of drugs for depression treatment

However, given its efficacy in treating patients with refractory depression (75% success rate), new ketamine-related therapies are emerging.

Development of Drugs

The drug company is studying ketamine and hopes to simulate its mode of action. The effect of ketamine may be due to interaction with the glutamate receptor (NMDA). This receptor has never been considered to be associated with depression. Several drug companies are trying to mimic the effects of ketamine by targeting NMDA receptors.

Rapastinel (formerly known as GLYX-13) is an NMDA blocking drug developed by the Irish company Allergan. A recent clinical trial showed a significant improvement in depression after a single intravenous injection in people who were not responding to other antidepressants.

Discover a new generation of drugs for depression treatment

Improved results will be generated within 24 hours and then lasted an average of 7 days. The single-dose improvement is twice as high as most conventional antidepressant medications after 4-6 weeks.

Proliferation prospects of antidepressants

At present, our mechanism of action in depression in the brain is unclear. Although we do not have a precise understanding, many drugs still play a very good role.

The new way ketamine treats depression is a hope for patients who are not responding to conventional antidepressants. Even if the drug is not yet available, we believe it will have a major impact on the treatment of depression in the near future.

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Discover a new generation of drugs for depression treatment

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