"Holy man, this new Dodge Neon! New New. "

It's okay, no one can see the Cancun resort. Or care. Ogling the Mexican market compact sedan is obviously something exclusive to motor journalists on vacation. Nevertheless, it was about Dito de las Mourostos, in his Easter glory. Margarita in hand and in the ocean with me is ignored, I realized that I was going to my phone with neon version 3.0.

Today's Dodge Neon is based and built by Fiat Tipo / Egea, C segment compact sedan co-financed by Fiat and Turkish industrial outfit Koç Holding. Last year more than 125 thousand were sold in Europe, another 47 thousand in Turkey. It will also be sold in the Middle East and Africa, along with Mexico only to get a neon version.

The external style is actually the only difference, and only the crosshair grille is identifying as Dodge. Then again the same can be said of as far as the same segment belongs. It was much bigger, though, in addition to 6 inches of total length and 3 inches of wheelbase (which, as I just discovered, is "Remotely go to ec"Spain").

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Neon interior, no wonder, quite a lot the same as its Fiat brothers. The dash is two variations. The larger, revised sensor screen has a dash-mounted, tablet-style infinite port, but the standard stereo head unit or a 5-inch touch screen is in conjunction with the tool panel. It's more than a Challenger, Charger, and yes, Dart in this regard, but overall, Neon's cabin design also less blocks and more organic appearance. The switch is pure Fiat, but the wheel has the same control layout as Dodges, Jeeps and Chryslers.

Power comes from 6.4-liter Hemi V8 of Challenger Scat Pack. No, no, I have gotten you whole. The standard engine, which has a firearm with a firearm, is a four-cylinder 95 cylinder with 1,4-liter natural fluid and 94 pounds sterling. So less than the Scat Pack. The optional engine, which is associated with the mild hybrid system, is not Eto'rov, is a 1.6-liter natural fluid with four cylinders of 110 hp. And 112 l-feet.

Unfortunately, neon color selection is not a neon, which probably does not matter, because virtually all cars on the Yucatan Peninsula are painted white. You can get this neon and gray gray black and black, with Azul Metalico and Rojo Metalico, who are so much fun to say than "blue" and "red".

Initially there were some softs that neon may travel to the United States and Canada, but probably the SUV-starter market situation and Dart less than the stellar period that is likely to be less likely.

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The first generation Neon (left) and the second generation Neon SRT4 trim (right)

Neon first introduced in 1995, sold as Dodge or Plymouth, and is available in sedan or coupe body style. The first generation had more power than the 2018 Neon. The larger, more sophisticated, less cutesy second generation Neon was sold since 2000 in its collapse in 2005. It can only be as a sedan, and then Plymouth's bit dust after 2001, just as Dodge in the United States. It is also available as a 230-hp turbocharged Neon SRT-4, which is most often seen pulled by cops or face first ditch somewhere.

In addition to Neon, there are other Mexican market Dodges available for my Cancun shuttle-joy. There is an attitude that is now in the bilateral masculine marchage from the sedan. It's quite anxious, but it can be much worse. I am happy to see your eyes on Dodge Vision, which is quite pleasant and based on Fiat Grand Siena, which really does not let me.

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