Earlier this year, we were able to get a chance at the wheel of Camaro Hybrid. The machines are designed and built by college students by 16 universities in the United States and Canada. The program EcoCAR 3 is supported by GM and US Department of Energy. At the end of the four-year competition, the Ohio State University team was a winner, but it should not be less of a competitor. Now, 12 universities – many of them repeat competitors – will compete in the next multi-year competition, eco-mobility.

Chevy Camaro's new Chevy Blazer crossover exchanged. Instead of transforming the new blaze into a hybrid, pupils will focus on the overall mobility. The organization claims that "2019 Chevrolet Blazer's Energy Efficiency Improvement", "Electricity, Electrification, SAE Level 2 Automation and Automation of the Union", without all the blazer emissions, security, utility and customer achievements.

The last part means that students should build cars that the user really wants to buy. That's why the Virginia Technical University stopped at V8's Camaro Hybrid. Other teams use a snowmobile engine, and muscle car, is there really anyone who wants to? Nevertheless, blazers should try to see GM's vision of zero crises, zero emissions and zero edema.

As before, GM will give every vehicle a car. The students should create and update their blazers for the next four years to satisfy the competition requirements. GM and the Department of Energy will compete with MathWorks and Argon National Laboratory.

Despite the fact that engineering students will provide the majority of the team members, students will participate in a variety of participants. If you are one of the next schools and are planning to pursue career care, the ecosystem is a good place.

· Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colo.)
Embryon-Riddle Aeronautics University (Dayton Beach, Fly.)
Technical of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
· McMaster University (Hamilton, Ont., Canada)
· Mississippi State University (Starkville, Miss.)
Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio)
· University of Alabama (Toussalo, Al.)
· Tennessee University, Knoxville (Knoxville, Tenn.)
· University of Washington (Seattle, Wash.)
· Waterloo University (Waterloo, Ont., Canada)
· Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, Va)
· West Virginia University (Morgantown, W.Va.)

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