EFFECTS OF EFFECT: How THC and Other Weed Compounds Mix

Canada continues today In his slow march decriminalization across the country, together with a voter, will decide whether to use recreational use in Michigan and North Dakota and for medical purposes in Utah and Missio. As far as the states are violating federal prohibitions, more users will be able to access but more scholars who are more easily able to learn these amazingly complex and still secretive plants.

In the upper part of the secrets list, how the plant compounds should be combined should be combined with medical (and, of course, recreational) effects. For example, the THC has a different opinion when it comes to the cannabidol or CBD combined with other natural compounds, but the reasons are not fully known. This is called entourage effect: THC, as rock star, only achieves full potential when it creates a creature containing hundreds of other compounds that the scientists know so far.

But the problem of drug use is that the government does not want to do that. Despite the fact that more states have gone legally, the heap continues to rise to the dark ages. Because it's not just for people with comfortable high but developing cannabis into drugs that can treat massive spectrum ills.

First, some cannabis basics. THC and CBD are cannabinoids, which mean they are receptors in the endocanbanoid system in the human body, namely CB1 and CB2 receptors. The researchers found the endocavabenoid system in the early 1990s, but it seems to have regulated the mood and immune function.

You may have noticed that the heap effect may experience experiences. Eat brown, for example, and thinner gets directly into the liver where metabolized in 11-hydroxy-tsk. This metabolite "CB1 receptor, psychoactive reaction, is carried out five times in the activity," says Jeff Rober, General Director of Ceramics Laboratory, California Laboratory.

That's why it's very easy with edibles. At the time of hemp, the kidney initially leaves the liver and goes straight to your bloodstream. It's about five times stronger than a way to eat the hemp, which means that ching 10 milligram THC is roughly equal to the smoke of 50 milligrams of staff.

Thus, the capture mode is of great importance. But there are factors beyond your control. "We are well aware that the endocanbanoid system is not a static picture all day long," said Rober. "Why these changes are changing, which leads to changes that are different levels of difficult questions." Cannabis may be better at night than night and also depends on your mood or if you eat.

But that's not all. THC also interacts with other cannabinoids in your system, and it has a difficult relationship with CBD in particular. Annually, Hemp consumers said that CBD can modify the psychoactive effect of TB, I think paranoia and antiretroviral are very high. It can be a part of the reason edibles can feel so strong: if you eat brownie loaded just THC, you're not getting CBD you if you smoked regular old flower. (Not because some manufacturers do not add CBD to their edibles.CBD is so hot but it's hard to compare with a high floral CBD. Diversions have lashes and thin-rich strains over the CBD for decades.)

With more legacy medicine in Kansas, the researchers will eventually be able to provide these anecdotal reports. They begin to understand How CBD may cause frequent undesirable effects of THC.

Discuss the drug Marinol, synthetic form THC available since 1980. This is a good appetite stimulator, but it's also good for getting patients high and paranoid. "When you just stimulate the CB1 receptor this clean molecule, it's very patient and patients do not tolerate it very well," says Adie Wilson-Poe, who is researching the hemp pain management Washington University in St. Louis.

However, patients are given Sativex, which meets the CBD or even pure honey or extract, and they do much better. "We specifically see that the CBD protects the paranoia and the anxiety and heart of the heart that produces THC," Wilson says.

All this comes back to the psychoactive CB1 receptor. THC is an agonist which fits nicely into CB1, to activate it. "CBD can not do it on CB1, but in a pocket pocket," says Wilson-Poe. "It can compete with the receptor in place." This means that if you get CBD with kidneys, you may be able to involve the receptors to enable THC to modulate psychoactive effects, as well as paranoia.

"But this is not the whole story," Wilson-Poe says, "because CBD has at least 14 different mechanisms in the central nervous system, so there's little something around, and we're probably not attributable to anti-paranoia or anti-anxiety effect Simply CB1 to occupation. "

Now I will add another complication to the complication of complications: THC and CBD are alone in the cannafe factory when it comes to medicinal properties. For example, these two may be anti-inflammatory, for example, "But if you want to blossom the whole flower, you can have a few tens of anti-inflammatory molecules at the same time," says Wilson-Poe. "From this point of view, I think of the whole plant as a cannabe for multivitamin inflammation" ((since many important compounds play in performance, some researchers prefer ensemble The effect of the environment. "Entourage" makes it sound like everything is supported by a rock star that is THC when the reality may be more nuanced.)

You may also have medical applications when you are No We want to work in the environment. For example, THC's more famous treatment, such as glaucoma treatment, is to reduce eye pressure. "We have discovered that it works and the work of the HTC is good," said Indiana University, Bloomington researcher Alex Stricker, who studies Canabinoids. "But in fact Blocked By CBD People often think yes, CBD and THC work together. But in the conditions of the CB1 receptor signal they contradict each other, or even the CBD contradicts THC. "This is not to say that CBD does not have any effective effect on glaucoma treatment.

In addition, there are many other receptors in the endocanbanoid system that these compounds can be calculated. "It's dirty," says Straiker.

Thus, as CBD seems to reduce the results of treatment in the tumor, you may also get some medical benefits offered by the TSA. But because, as it seems, will not end until the end of the difficulties of cannabis, the CBD can also Will increase THC's anti-cancer properties. The study found that if the laboratory in the laboratory of renal and tumors is laboratory, the combination is more effective than the THC alone inhibiting both the growth of the cell and apparently killing them. Thus, the future of the medical cannabe depends on the large part, which in some cases will be activated in the environment, or maybe an entourage (or ensemble) when the TS or CBD is the most useful.

"To understand which plant chemistry is best suited to which symptoms and what types of patients and the CB1 receptor form is being implemented, since there is a lot of mutations from this gene," says Wilson Poe. "So understanding of these mechanisms is absolutely decisive for patients who, together with their personal medications, provide their symptoms without any adverse side effect."

Hate to do this but we have one last problem. Over the decades, Canaf members claimed that various strains of cannabis had different effects – maybe they could sleep, possibly energy. And it's true, even though the CBD is largely bred out of cannabis in North America in favor of THC. "If they take all the higher classes, it's something," said Evan Rusio, director of research and development at the International Canaph and Canabinoid Institute, who study the effect of environment. "And that's something else is Terpenoids."

Yes, Other Member of the environment. Unlike THC and CBD, you can find Terpenoids not just cannabis, but across the Plant Kingdom. They use a handy little molecule that plants take away from insects, and they are characterized by hemp and characteristic smell (the same as the thymenoid lemon and pine needle).

And scientists know what can be said about the hemp in some terpenoids pharmacologically in the brain. For example, Linalool is the one that has sedating and anti-anxiety properties. "So maybe we have that when you combine its anti-anxiety effect that cannabidiol [CBD], Then they strengthen each other, "says Russo.

An effect of anorce, an ensemble effect that you want to call, phenomenon may be more complicated than it gets more bright. But researchers continue to irritate the chemistry of chemistry, its true potential as a medicine. The secret … almost solved.

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