EU finds Jeep Grand Cherokee and Suzuki Vitara violate emissions rules

AMSTERDAM – Fiat Chrysler's Jeep Grand Cherokee and Suzuki's Vitara diesel models violate emissions regulations and must be fixed or banned from sales across Europe.

The RDW authorities, which acted as EU regulators across the EU, said that the Jeep had developed software fixing and that the authority had ordered the company to upgrade the model to Europe.

He added that Suzuki had not yet found a reliable solution for Vitara.

"Suzuki must come up with appropriate improvement measures, or RDW will begin the process of revoking its European type approval," RDW said in a statement, adding that it had also begun the process of revoking the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a "precautionary measure." ”

Regulators around the world have been producing diesel models since Volkswagen admitted in 2015 that it was using illegal software to cheat on US emissions tests.

The RDW said it had determined that the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Vitara had used a "banned exhaust strategy" that allowed them to emit higher levels of harmful nitric oxide (NOx) than under test conditions.

The State Secretary for Infrastructure in the Netherlands, Steenjej van Wehelden, said in a letter to parliament that he would notify prosecutors of RDW's findings.

Fiat Chrysler and Suzuki could not immediately be reached for comment.

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