Facebook stops requests for arbitration sexual abuse claims

Facebook will change the rules of workplace to enable sexual violence to be open in court

Facebook said on Friday that it no longer requires employees to decide on sexual harassment claims by Google through the arbitration.

Changing the rules of workplace in the leading social network will enable the court to openly appeal complaints of such omission.

"Today, we are preparing our renewed working relationship policy and changing our arbitration agreements to make arbitrage selection rather than demand for sexual violence," Anthony Harrison, director of AFP's Corporate Media Relations, told AFP.

"Sexual harassment is what we are very serious about and there is no place in Facebook."

Silicon Valley-based Internet firm policies that worked on each other, also changed at the level of principals or higher to refuse to cooperate with the Human Resources Department.

Google emphasizes Thursday that there are changes to the complaints of sexual misconduct, which hopes that last week's work in the global galaxy.

The Google's Harassment Claims Arbitration will be mandatory instead of mandatory, executive director, Saurar Pichadze, said the move that could end anonymous settlements that could not be harassed by the accused.

"Google never requires confidentiality in the arbitration process and it can still be the best way for a number of reasons (eg personal confidentiality, predictability of the process), but we recognize that the elections should be for you," Fitch Memo told AFP- with.

Piichi promised that Google would be more transparent about how it troubles problems and provide better support and care with those who are dealing with the company.

The internal "investigative report" section will show you the concerns of sexual harassment, tendencies and disciplinary actions, according to a California-based company.

He also said that Google is setting up a complaints system and that the process of carrying out procedures involves support staff and counselors.

Google will resume its mandatory sexual harassment and every two years annually requests every year, as was the case.

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