Faraday's future employer GoFundMe campaign has begun to help employees

There were not a number of good news that came out of Faraday's future, and now some employees have begun the GoFundMe campaign, in which to stop and keep the brave employees.

Last week, Faraday co-founder Nick Simpson resigned. He believes that the company is efficiently insolvent and in the near future will analyze the future (pun intended?). Then, after its primary investor, $ 2 billion was invested. Faraday's future officially did not go to this GoFundMe page, but it will help friends with Faraday's less successful friends.

In August of this year, Faraday saw more pick-ups when the company produced its first production FF91. Electric crossover / exercise should represent the power of 1,050 horsepower from three electric motors and move into 0-60 in the form of production in 2.39 seconds. Now, he's a chance that he ever at this point seems to be reduced to all new developments we see in the company.

Faraday's employees are trying to increase $ 50,000 in the next few weeks, which are suddenly pumped. It was five days and the fund was already $ 17,000 – it's not a small block of cash. Money is intended for those who have family or children who support talent funds to support anyone.

During the months or months of Faraday we will be … It is unclear how much electricity company CES has stormed in 2017.

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