FERC Mountain Valley Final Pipeline Environmental Impact Statement

Environmental groups have reacted strongly against the Environmental Assessment of the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Companies trying to build a 300-meter pipeline say they respect the views of those who oppose the project. According to Robbie Harry.

The final recommendations of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staff on the proposed mountain pipe line will be sent to the commission of committees to decide whether to accept the project.

FERC spokeswoman Tamara Young Allen said the commission would never announce when it would make a decision. But opponents of the pipeline had much to say about the problems that the pipeline could cause.

The group, Oil Change International, said its analysis "shows that it generates as much pollution as 26 coal plants per year."

Natalie Cox, spokeswoman for the Mountain Valley Project Team, said that "the team continues to be concerned about community members and local officials." And "we value the ownership of each owner; Safety for employees, contractors, and everyone who lives along the proposed route. ”

Currently FERC does not have a quorum of commissioners who can decide whether to approve the project. According to the Marcellus Shale News website, "I hope around Washington that the Senate will get the final vote on two new commissioners before the July 4 deadline."

If that happens, FERC may vote to start construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline at any time, after a "yes" vote.