Fermentation, biology, environmental protection technology, comprehensive utilization of sugar industry resources

Affected by multiple factors such as climate, policy, and the influx of low-cost raw sugar abroad, sugar prices are just like agricultural prices, just like “roller coasters”. Before, the price of sugar continued to rise all the way, and the ordinary white sugar turned into a “sugar high.” Recently, the author has learned from the market that the price of white sugar has dropped slightly. Will the sugar that was previously named as “Golden Gaozong” will never return?

 Fermentation, biology, and environmental technology to achieve comprehensive utilization of sugar industry resources

Industry believes that although the country will take Appropriate measures to regulate the price of sugar market, but mainly based on market regulation, the decline in the price of sugar in the market will seriously affect the development of enterprises and the enthusiasm of sugarcane farming. Therefore, many places attach great importance to deep processing and develop a number of sugar recycling economies. The industrial chain, at the same time the introduction of processing technology, equipment, so that sugar cane is “eat dry and squeeze”, improve quality and efficiency, reduce costs and increase income.

The author was informed that in the processing plant in Guangxi, sugar cane was made into brown sugar plum, sugar cane juice was blended into sugar cane vinegar, sugar cane filter sludge, filter residue made of fertilizer, sugarcane leaf cane tail Made a feed. In addition, the use of international leading fermentation, biological, environmental technology, molasses “transformation” for yeast, the sugar industry upgrade and comprehensive utilization of resources, greatly increasing the added value of products.

According to relevant personnel, sugarcane vinegar is made from sugar cane juice as raw material, fermented and blended with raw juice. At the same time, it adopts new sugarcane vinegar brewing technology and introduces advanced fermentation equipment, which effectively solves it. The natural precipitation of fruit vinegar drinks also guarantees the quality and safety of the products. Compared with edible sugar, the added value of sugarcane vinegar beverage produced is several times higher, which also provides a new impetus for the development of sugar industry, which contains great business opportunities and vitality.

In fact, in the face of fluctuations in the price of sugar market, in addition to eating and squeezing the net, reducing costs and increasing income, enterprises are also actively exploring the sugar substitute market. On the one hand, when the price of sucrose rises, the production cost is lowered, and On the one hand, it meets the demand of food and beverage companies for “low sugar”, “no sugar” and “natural, nutritious” and other sugar substitute products.

 Fermentation, biology, and environmental technology to achieve comprehensive utilization of sugar industry resources

At present, stevia appears on the market The extract is a natural sweetener such as stevioside, mogroside, and corn fructose. The author understands that in the scientific and technological innovation of the grain deep processing industry and the corn fructose industry seminar, the industry pointed out that the characteristics of crystalline fructose in terms of safety, taste and nutrition and the advantages of replacing sucrose, therefore, the development of new natural sweeteners as a Sugar substitutes are imperative.

It is reported that in the first half of 2018, Coca-Cola launched a stevia cola, which is sugar-free and zero-calorie. The sweetness is completely provided by the stevioside extract of stevia. Of course, in addition to Coca-Cola, companies such as Pepsi, Danone, Kraft Heiner, Nestlé and Unilever have been working hard to find suitable natural sugar substitutes that they want to apply to new products to meet the needs of the food and beverage market. Upgrade requirements.

We know that most natural sweeteners need to be extracted, bitter, and sputum to better ensure the taste of natural sugar. According to industry experts, mogrosides use a unique 5R physical refining process to bitter, remove phlegm, remove odor, and taste, so that it can approach the sweetness and taste of sugar.

It can be seen from this that the return of “Golden Gaozong” mainly depends on the role of the market. In fact, neither sugarcane growers nor sugar processing enterprises can control the price of sugar to go higher or lower, but sugar processing enterprises can develop deep processing, develop new products, increase product added value, or deepen natural sugar substitutes to reduce sugar prices. The impact of volatility, and in the production of sugar can be processed, food processing equipment can also help, make the sugar industry more “sweet.”

 Fermentation, biology, and environmental technology to achieve comprehensive utilization of sugar industry resources