“Ghosts” chemistry teacher: finishing the middle school test must back the chemical equation table, the minimum test in the class is 98!

Junior high school chemistry is a headache for many junior high school students. The study time is only one year. The knowledge that needs to be remembered is very special, and the types are very complicated. Therefore, many students are respectful of chemistry learning, so how can they achieve good results in the middle school entrance examination?

In the study of junior high school chemistry, the mastery of chemical equations largely determines the quality of the students’ chemistry. Once, the familiar chemical equations are the top priority for students to learn chemistry. But there are so many chemical equations, how do you sort out and review?

To learn chemistry well, you must first have a mentality to meet difficulties, and secondly, pay attention to some basic methods. The essence of learning chemistry is to understand and understand the middle back in the back. A chemical equation, the back will not be the real purpose, the key is to understand, know the source of it. Science is a deadly course. Whoever drills the deepest will have the greatest achievement.

In view of this, I will share with you a common chemical formula for the senior high school entrance examination, parents can take it to the children to collect and learn.

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