Graphene Eye Patch: An excellent example of graphene fiber application

——2018 (4th) China Graphene Terminal Application Technology Conference was held in Nantong, Dr. Zhao Meng was invited to attend.

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

Graphene is a new carbon material with excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, thermal properties, optical properties and high specific surface area. The research and development of olefin materials involves the industrial foundation of national high-tech materials, and the industrial linkages involve new materials, energy, environment, aerospace, defense and other fields, which play an important role in the development of the country.

As of June 2017, the number of companies with patents in graphene technology and related preparation, sales, application, investment, testing, and technical services reached 2,584, of which the number of companies with shaped graphene business For 580, industrial application has been continuously promoted.

From March 28th to 30th, 2018, 2018 (4th) China Graphene Terminal Application Technology Conference was held in Nantong Oasis International Holiday Hotel, Jiangsu. The conference was hosted by the People’s Government of Gangzha District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, and the High-end Textile Industry Alliance of Nantong. It was hosted by Nantong Gangzha Economic Development Zone and Yimao Business, and was strongly supported by institutions and units such as the National Graphene Application Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. . The conference invited more than 300 people from the graphene upstream and downstream enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad to attend the conference, and the scene highlights strobe!

Experts, CEOs, general managers, and technology research and development from government departments, domestic and foreign graphene preparation companies, college experts, industry associations, and terminal applications, and other related innovations. Executive Vice President and Secretary General of National Graphene Application Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, Secretary General of China Graphene Business Application Flagship Program Working Committee, Deputy Secretary General of China International Graphene Resources Industry Alliance (CIGIU), Development of Small Towns of National Federation of Industry and Commerce Dr. Zhao Meng, deputy director of the committee, was invited to give a special report on the theme “Graphite Leading the Textile Industry Revolution”.

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

The graphene fiber obtained in China has the fracture energy close to that of carbon fiber T300. The tensile strength is on the order of 500Mpa, but it is similar to graphene. The tensile strength of the sheet is still much higher than that of 130 Gpa. On the other hand, because graphene fiber can also impart excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal, anti-radiation, antibacterial and other functional properties to the composite material, the prepared graphene fiber and corresponding textile products are in super-thermal conductive conductive clothing materials and antibacterial medical products. Materials, biomedical textile materials, flame retardant materials, lightweight fiber-based thermal conductive composites and other fields have a wide range of applications.

In the interview, Dr. Zhao Meng said that in fact, graphene fiber has penetrated into our lives. He used the graphene application of the graphene application on the market today as an example. “The majority of eye diseases begin with eye fatigue, and poor blood circulation is the main cause of eye fatigue. Long-term poor blood circulation leads to insufficient oxygen supply to the eyeball and causes various eye health deterioration, leading to myopia. The occurrence of eye diseases. Modern medicine has proved that 90% of the formation of myopia is caused by lack of oxygen and uneven nutrition. Therefore, it is also good to protect eyesight and control myopia. In the final analysis, it is necessary to solve the problem of blood circulation and nutrient supply. Dr. Zhao Meng introduced.

“The graphene-based eye-protection tape based on graphene non-woven fabrics has solved this problem well, and the effect is very obvious, and it will be welcomed by everyone!” Dr. Zhao Meng, the inventor, said that the enephene graphene eye patch is a high-tech product based on the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, which combines graphene far-infrared physiotherapy with modern biomedicine. The inspection report provided by the National Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center showed that the inhibition rate was as high as 99%; the far-infrared emissivity was 0.88, the far-infrared radiation temperature was increased by 1.7 °C; and the negative ion generation was 625/cm3.

graphene eye patch: graphite An excellent example of olefin fiber application

Alpha Graphene Eye Patch, with skin-friendly design, graphene high-tech materials, and many other natural ingredients. Unique far-infrared function of graphene, diastolic eyeballs, improve eye microcirculation, improve the supply of blood oxygen content in the fundus and retina of the fundus, promote the metabolism of “corneal, lens, vitreous”, restore the elasticity of the ciliary muscle, relieve the use of Eye fatigue caused by excessive eye strain, high intraocular pressure, dry eyes, cramps, pain and other symptoms. Effectively prevent and improve myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia and other refractive errors and various fundus lesions.

It is understood that there are currently two products of enephene graphene eye patch, which are enephene graphene eye patch [juvenile type] and enephene graphene eye patch [energy type].

Alpha Graphene Eye Patch [Youth Type] is Dr. Zhao and his team. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine meridians and the physiological structure of the eye, combined with modern technology, and carefully developed with a variety of Chinese herbal medicines. . Its main ingredients are: cassia seed, ginseng, Dendrobium candidum, Phellodendron, peony bark, wild chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris, mulberry leaves and graphene non-woven fabrics. The main effects are: promoting blood circulation, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, supplementing eye nutrients, relieving visual fatigue, improving eye self-regulation ability, improving eyesight and so on.

graphene eye patch: graphite An excellent example of olefin fiber application

Adolescents are at the stage of physical development and an important period of vision development. At the same time, the young people at this stage have very high learning pressure, high eye strength and relatively long eye use time. Uniform graphene eye patch [juvenile type], given to young people with myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia and other visually impaired, and decreased vision caused by eye fatigue, dry eyes, itching, soreness, pain, tears, blurred vision , bringing prevention and care.

The main components of the enephene graphene eye patch [energy type] are: high-efficiency water-locking, promoting tissue cell regeneration, ensuring the moisture required by the eyes, and relaxing the dryness of the eye and eyelid function. Sodium sulphate; glycerin that can lock in moisture, reduce water loss, nourish the skin; improve alcoholic symptoms such as dry eyes, foreign body sensation, eye fatigue, etc.; and promote blood circulation, enhance eye tissue metabolism, and improve eye area Graphene nonwoven fabrics such as immunity and antioxidant capacity.

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

Alkyne graphene eye patch [energy type] has relieved visual fatigue, supplements eye nutrition, keeps eyes moist, relieves eye bags, dark circles Eye edema, eye wrinkles and other effects, make the eye skin rejuvenate. And effectively improve cataracts, glaucoma, floaters and other diseases. It is especially suitable for people with eye fatigue caused by long-term use of computers, lack of sleep or excessive use of eyes, such as computer workers, teachers, office workers, middle-aged and elderly people, gamers, micro-businesses, and beauty lovers.

According to incomplete statistics, the population of amblyopia in China has reached 600 million, and the number of people with fatigue and sight health is countless. Based on the original intention of helping Chinese people improve their eye health, Dr. Zhao Meng applied the “king of new materials” graphene to the field of eye health and invented the innovative patented product – the enephene graphene eye patch and obtained the country. The first type of medical device filing (medical energy level) has become the only explosive grade graphene eye patch in China.

The reporter learned that Dr. Zhao Meng is a leading figure in the domestic graphene industry application and has been actively promoting the innovation and integration of “graphene + 360 lines” to create the “ene” champion. Its leading Shanghai Huadian New Materials Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and Pushcode (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. have long been committed to the development of graphene commercial application products, and have more than 10 national patents including graphene eye protection stickers. In particular, many innovative applications of graphene in the field of Vision have been put on the market, and the response is extraordinary.

Graphene eye protection has not only formed a blast-grade phenomenon in China, but has also been used as a “national gift” to go abroad, and it has been given to many political figures and industry experts, and has been unanimously welcomed and affirmed.

August 1st – August 5th, 2016, “China-Arab Graphene Industry Summit Forum and CIGIU Graphene Industrialization Project UAE Fair” was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dr. Zhao Meng as One of the representatives of China’s graphene industry application experts, together with members of the UAE royal family, government officials, and investors, to discuss the road of graphene technology, industry, capital and market cooperation, and jointly build an international graphene industrialization platform. At the meeting, Dr. Zhao Meng presented the world’s first box of olefins, graphene, as a precious gift to Prince Harry, and the prince appreciated the enamel graphene eye protection.

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

Zhao Meng and Prince Khalifa

October 19, 2017 On the 20th, the exchange meeting between the entrepreneurs of China and Hong Kong and the graphene project of the University of Manchester was held in the UK. Dr. Zhao Meng was invited to attend, including Professor Nan Yan Rowell, President of Manchester University, Graphene Discoverer, Nobel Prize Winner In-depth exchanges between top scientists in the world of graphene, such as Professor Delie Heim and Prof. Konstantin Novoselov, and visits the hometown of graphene – the UK National Graphene Research at Manchester University Center (NGI).

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

Zhao Meng and Professor Nancy, President of Manda University

Graphene Eye Patch: An excellent example of graphene fiber application

Zhao Meng and the Nobel Prize winner Konstantin Novosov’s photo

in the graphene finder, promise When Sir Bell, the winner of the Bell Awards, sat down, Dr. Zhao Meng asked him about the application and prospects of graphene in the field of vision. Dr. Zhao Meng also said that in the future, he will continue to work on innovation and development in the field of graphene vision, improve and solve human vision health problems, and promote graphene to the public life.

graphene eye patch: graphite Excellent example of olefin fiber application

Zhao Meng (right middle) and Nobel Prize winner Professor Andre Heim Talk

It is reported that the 2018 (4th) China Graphene Terminal Application Technology Conference is specially designed: special product display area, graphene preparation area, graphene preparation equipment area, graphene downstream application area, etc. The latest products and technologies in the industry. As a new type of eye protection product, the enephene graphene eye patch was “smashed” to everyone at the scene. Everyone participated in the experience and gave a very high experience.