Graphene’s Hollywood Road

At first glance, I don’t think the two words can be linked together. Graphene is the new material representative, and Hollywood is the world film factory. In fact, a certain detail of a movie links these two originally unrelated words together.

“Tomorrow’s Edge” is a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. A Tango’s set of exoskeleton equipment may be a must for future individual combat. In military research and development, safety is the most important indicator. Recently, the material of the armor protective device is directed to graphene. Experimental data shows that graphene can quickly disperse the impact, and can interrupt the abduction wave passing through the material. The impact resistance is far better than steel and Kevlar, aramid, etc. Material.

Science fiction movies give us the possibility of visual viewing in the future. Looking back at the previous Hollywood sci-fi movies, nowadays they are all realized in reality, the road of graphene military, in the years to come, It will also be presented to the world as scheduled.

As in Hollywood, the graphene industry needs to be so boldly conjectured, boldly practice, and boldly show…