High school chemistry test skills

In the college entrance examination, time is as precious as gold. It is necessary to arrange limited time reasonably and efficiently, and use time on the blade.

It is recommended that you take multiple rounds of questions and don’t try to finish all the questions again.

The following is a brief introduction to some of my experiences:

1. Finish the first time in one breath.

A person like a car needs a start-up time. The test papers have just been sent out, and the students are still in the circle of adjustment and adjustment. When they first contacted the topic, the status is not good. As the questions are deepened, they will gradually get better. Therefore, when doing the first question, you don’t need to do much, but you are right. For questions that are unsure or not, try to feel bad, and mark the mark and leave. In the next process of doing the exercises, these questions will continue to emerge in the brain, and the related problem-solving ideas will become more and more vivid. When I come back to do it the second time, I may have a problem with the idea for the first time.

2. The asterisk that will not be done, the undefined circle.

For the sake of insurance, keep these questions in a prominent place on the draft paper to prevent the second time, and the third time you go back to redo.

In addition to the first time to complete most of the face-to-face questions, the rest of the time is spent on the questions that are not and uncertain, and each time you finish one, you will cross the corresponding mark of the question. . Do it round and round until the last one is overcome.

3. Rational use of draft paper.

The draft must have a title number, and the order of the questions should be neatly arranged. In this way, in the first half of the question that will not be done, the first time decisively give up, and when you go back and do it again, then continue to calculate in the draft of the original question. If the draft is too messy and the original draft cannot be found, it can only be recalculated, which is a waste of time. These times can be saved at the time.

4. If the choice question is really not, don’t be empty. It is possible to fill in one of them, and it is impossible to score without being empty. I believe that the students know this.

5. Sometimes the text is very much, it looks terrible, as if you can’t see it. In fact, don’t be scared at all. The big problem with all the words is the paper tiger. Students can try to see the problem directly, and some questions may be answered without reading the question. If you need to read the questions, then focus on reading. After a few questions have been done, the title of this big question may have been read by you intermittently. After you finish it, you will find that there is nothing terrible, even easier than the words with fewer words.

I think so much, I hope that the children who are promoted to the third year have a good start, and win the victory in the college entrance examination one year later!