How the Antivirus PACs helped shape the intermediate ballot papers

In early 2015, Yvonne Yen, anaesthesiologist who became Oklahoma's first Asian American state lawmaker, introduced a bill that all pupils should be vaccinated if they had medical reasons not. California recently demonstrated that after the similar legislation, the measles measles in the Disneyland were 147 and 500 were quarantine. At that time, California's vaccination indicators were below 94% of thresholds that require measurable immunity. Oklahoma vaccination rates are even lower than California. Yen, a moderate republican, felt he had to do something.

But his draft law was not passed by the committee. The following year he again tried to change the language to give religious resistance. This could not happen. So, in 2017, yen was instituted. In 2018, he again tried to make a resolution that would eliminate all non-Georgian vaccines in the ballot paper of the general election of November.

These too were defeated. On Tuesday, Oklahoma voters will not be able to check in this particular box. They will not have the opportunity to re-select the choice. In June, the current senator lost the most important shock of the Republican candidate, Joe Hoel.

If I ask why you lose it, it offers a few reasons for its soft, oklus cite revenge. But he suspects that the influence of local anti-vaccination activists is the biggest factor. According to the campaign funding, Oklahoma is the second biggest donor for vaccines and health choices followed by a hollow campaign, just after Holland. "They were not the only reasons I lost, but there is no doubt that Vaxxers against my defeat was important," says Yeni.

In other resorts of anti-vaccine mood, centrist conservatives who have won such taxes are quite characteristic of the interim ballot papers. They change the candidates who support the members of the organization who use fraudulent sciences to contact vaccines with autism who believe that children have unwanted vaccine reactions or think that the authorities should not dictate what's happening to their children's organs.

Parents who questioned the wisdom of immunization are not new phenomenon. In the 1960s and 70s, Christian scholars publish effective lobbyists for vaccination laws. From the 80s to the 2000s, it has been removed by the short-lived groups by the state level. But in recent years, the anti-vaccination movement has been created in a new chapter: the Political Committee. 18 In the State, which currently allows parents to provide their children with public schools based on their philosophical contradictions, the PACs of the "vaccine of liberty" are increasingly strengthening the political muscle, by a broader approach to the rights of parents, some groups are now pushing the agenda that eliminates the agenda Vaccine mandates ismieri kind. And as they form this year's ballot papers more favorable for their reason, the nation creeps ever closer to the infectious disease of the epidemic as imminent as it will be tragic.

"Every March I take my breath," says Peeto Hottie, a pediatrician and doctor of medicine at the Doctor of Medicine at Ayurvedic Medicine, who predicted that the red epidemic would soon be exploded in Texas. (In the era of the previous vaccine these events are usually late in the winter or early spring). He recently published an analysis of US cities with the highest rates of non-Georgian vaccine exceptions. Four of these urban epidemics took place in Texas. "Now I'm even worried because the numbers break the wrong way," she says.

Earlier this summer, the Texas State Medical Department published data that in the 2017-18 academic year 57,000 Kindergarten children aged 12 to 7 had at least one non-Georgian exception, which was 53,000 compared to the previous year. As Huston chronicle It was the first time that Texas has achieved more than one percent of all pupils. In three countries, non-medical exception rates exceed 9 percent.

"Do we have children with a flu and a huge risk of measles?" Says Hotez, one of the most loud voice against a modern vaccine movement. "More crap, nothing more than that, the anti-vaccine groups claim that" medical freedom "or" parental choices "ignore the fact that children have a fundamental human right to protect from deadly illnesses.

Hotez, an adult daughter who has been suffering from autism for 19 months, recently wrote a book Vaccines did not cause Rachel autism, That he hopes to help change some of the trends he finds annoying. And it quickly suggests that the scientists have been standing for a long time to demonstrate silence and participate in debates. But it has come to its own price. Hotez says that he now usually attracts letters and messages that try to discredit him in social media, as well as demonstrators who show in his lectures.

Yen says that she had a similar pig campaign; Flyers on his ecclesiastical parking lot flow in comparison with Hitler and Mussolini, and racist mailers present it as a syringe-assistant authoritarian imperial Japan before the sun's flag (Yen was born in Taiwan). "They have been criticizing this for four years," he says. "The academics have not responded to the vaccine and health choices.

MP Jason Vilbage, all three Republican deputy Dallas, have also suffered some of these intimidation tactics for the first time. In 2015, Villalba to file legislation to end religious and philosophical vaccination exemption, loophole state law in 2007. As Yen, he is concerned about a potential measles epidemic, especially a two-month-old daughter at home.

In response, a mother called Jack Schlagl, who says that one of the children injured by vaccines was formed to kill a bill on "mad moms in mad moms" Facebook group. The group quickly switched to the political suit committee called "Tactics for the Vaccine Chose, which defines the right to medical freedom.

Following the defeat of the bill, the Group has made an effort to launch the "Vilabba", which will be the first presidential campaign in 2016, which has largely fled the issue of vaccination. According to Vilalba, every time he will appear in the elections, people will be confronted with two or three people from TFVC. "They just wanted me to be angry and stupid," says Villabba. "I do not think it was an effective way of heart and mind."

Schlegel denies knowing such clashes and claims that the TFVC tactics will only protect and inform the informed medical consent. "The face of a vaccine is a friendly face and this is what we do," he says.

Despite the efforts, "Vilabba" gave 55% votes to the prime ministers. But he was rattled. At the last session of the home, she told Stalin that she would not have any other bill to vaccinate if she was not in Texas. "I said:" If I stand, I will stand, "says Villabala, who remembers NATO," I thought we had truce. "But two years later he again went to the polls, the vaccine choice texts defeated a new candidate against him – Rights defender Lisa Luby Ryan and again blocked, surveyed and watched money. According to Isi's conclusion, the group has so little more than the $ 215,000 campaign expenditure in 2018, which is more than five times the previous two years. "The TFVC is backed by the group members of the group, Not only in the Villalba district, "it was not private to him," she says He vaccine mandate bill did not resign, he was not really informed consent and medical confidentiality and the vaccine of choice. "

On the night of March 6, at midnight, Ryan sat for Shalgel and Rebecca Hardy, the group's director of state policy for the first time in the morning. "We just got a representative from Willybi who agreed and wanted us well," Ryan said in a Facebook video. "Victory!" Shlagel and Hardy shouted. Three weeks later, billionaire billionaire Barry Wilks, one of the biggest political donors in the state, suspended the fraudulent text for $ 90,000.

Despite the fact that the group is quick, taking credit for its loss, Vilbaba thinks that the scenario is little. Better than his defeat is that Texas has a variety of discoveries: Beto Fever. In its richest, educated district, which Clinton won 14 points in 2016, the fifth of the Republicans in the Democratic Party have overcome the Democratic Party in the primaries this year. "It's all residual voters that are far from far to the right," he says.

But two phenomena are not connected. They are the result of both Trump's curling, anti-controlled institution, which hailed the earliest days of the antivirus perspective. Candidates with previously unreliable policies are now on party tickets. Democratic candidates hope to use their preference to find where moderate Republican voters are looking for the right GOP primary voters who are far from the right.

On Tuesday, the Americans will vote for their vote, as the worst midterm elections in the history of the US. Although all will be visible on national races, which can transfer power in Washington, as well as the most important state legislative elections that go to voting. The states are on the battlefield where the Trump administration fights war, science, regulations, environmental protection and minority rights. They will be where decisions on health care vaccines of the 21st century are accepted.

The good news is that the laws work. When California freed personal belief in 2015, only 90.4 percent of children's schools were fully immunized. In 2017-18 academic year, 95.1% of children's courses had all immunizations, according to the California Department of Health. The bad news is that California is just three states that have such strict demands.

As the vaccine's freedom PACs move from the fields, most of the children go to school without arranging. The data released from the Disease Control and Prevention Centers in October showed that the national tax rates are lower by 2.2%, which is the third year that has been released. Anyway, where the vaccination is concerned, where it goes to California, the nation does not appear next.

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